Essay on Dr. Benjamin Carson 's Personal Philosophy

Essay on Dr. Benjamin Carson 's Personal Philosophy

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Dr. Benjamin Carson once said, “Learn for the sake of knowledge and understanding, rather than for the sake of impressing people or taking a test.” I embrace this powerful principle and will continue to do so throughout my career. As I began my journey as a physician, passion for in-depth learning was and continues to be a motivating force.

My interest in Internal Medicine (IM) developed in multiple facets. My keenness to physiology and pathophysiology leads me to this specialty as it relies heavily on both subjects. As I began to explore it, I found that variety and complexity is like a fresh cup of coffee to start the day! The wide range of diseases, endless possibilities of how the same disease may present itself and how they run separate courses in different patients challenge my inquisitive mind. The central role of educating patients in IM enables me to practice what I love to do: teaching. I have always enjoyed simplifying and explaining things. Educating patients about the nature of their diseases and empowering them to make committed choices to improve their well-being, br...

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