The Downfall Of The Roman Empire Essay

The Downfall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Some people just have a lust for control and power. That was the case for Julius Caesar, who’s ambition for power ultimately ended in his assassination. It’s always pretty clear in history books that those who gain too much power never holds on to it for a long time. The name Julius Caesar nowadays brings an image of a great leader who led Rome to glory. Julius Caesar’s rise to supreme leader was swift and quickly alarmed those in the Senate, fearing he had to much of it. All these worries of the Senate grew as he declared himself dictator. It wasn’t long before his comrades formed a plan to assassinate him. His assignation was the result of having too much power and a fearful Senate who couldn’t fathom one man having all the power. Though Caesar never saw it coming it could be said his days were numbered as his views often clashed with those in the Senate. Caesar’s death ultimately shook Rome to its core and it many ways started the collapse of the Roman Empire.
Though the circumstances surrounding Caesar’s death are pretty clear, he was simply assassinated there have been some wild theories that say otherwise. One such theory was reported in a 2003 article for The Sunday Times Magazine, historian Richard Girling suggests that Caesar was suffering from depression from having terrible seizures caused by epilepsy. In the article, Girling explains his theory:
“Caesar is the most glorious personage on Earth, able freely to help himself to anything he fancies, from a peeled grape to an entire country. Who in his right mind would put an end to such a life? In searching for the answer, we need to consider both Caesar’s age (at age 56, he is, by contemporary standards, an old man) and his state of health. Ancient texts make it clear t...

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...iends. When Caesar was charged with treason he chose to not surrender and in turn went through all barriers to becoming dictator. In the end, Caesar did everything he could to make all citizens from poor to rich in Rome happy. Curious at first at how he would rule, he proved to the citizens of Rome with his charisma and desire to make Rome great he was well received. Though through obtaining such power greatly angered his fellow politicians. And as time went their anger grew, finally to the point fearing that Caesar was too powerful plotted to assassinate him. It could be said that it was the hatred and anger of the conspirators who caused Rome to fall from glory. Ultimately Julius Caesar’s vision to make Rome great was cut short. Caesar’s contributions was what made Rome great, and chaos that followed after his death made his assassination truly a great tragedy,

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