The Downfall Of The Revolution Essay

The Downfall Of The Revolution Essay

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Despite Ah-Q’s distorted view about the revolution, he also tries to test the legitimacy of the revolution by becoming successful through monetary power and joining the revolution with the other supporter, along with his own desires. As Ah-Q realizes the shortcomings of his impoverished state in the progress of social reform, he tries to seek other methods to become respectful and victorious in addition to his ideal moral victory method. After Ah-Q’s change in fortune, everyone’s attitude towards him change, “even though everyone recognized him as Ah-Q, his possession of a new jacket meant that a reassessment was perhaps in order. Waiter, manager, drinkers and other random passer-by arranged their faces into expression of tentative respect” (103), even Mr. Zhao is “wary of making an enemy of Ah-Q” (106).  Though Ah-Q is immersed in the joy of his newly gained wealth and respect, he is guilty of the stolen items. The Zhao family is also guilty of previously denouncing Ah-Q’s disrespectful attitude. Now that Ah-Q has the wealth and power to threaten the status of the Zhao family, they try to befriend Ah-Q and raise him to a higher social status. Ah-Q sees gaining wealth as a means of survival in the world of where the strong dominates over the weak; along with his moral victory tactic, Ah-Q’s goal is to survive, so he uses material possessions to help him fulfill his desires. Although the goal of the revolution is originally to change the old traditions of identifying one’s nobility and reputation based on the family and the family’s wealth. The people of Weizhuang, especially the Zhao family, immediately sees Ah-Q’s growing wealth as a concern and tries to make sure that Ah-Q will not do any harm to them with his newly gained power...

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...progress of the revolution, which proves to be problematic through the portrayal of Ah-Q’s moral victory and inconsistent stance about the revolution. Ah-Q’s obsession with moral victory reflects both his unsuccessful life and the unsuccessful revolution, because he is only concealing the fact of his failure. The revolution calls for the unification of the lower working class to overcome the oppressions it has suffered under the current practices inherited from the old traditions in Weizhuang. However, the revolution only superficially changes the old ways without teaching the people of Weizhuang the actual meaning of the change because they all have their own desires and have the tendency to distort the goals of the revolution based on their own interests. The lack of enforcement and clear goals eventually leads to the doomed consequence along with Ah-Q’s execution.

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