The Downfall Of Rochester And Antoinette 's Relationship Essay

The Downfall Of Rochester And Antoinette 's Relationship Essay

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The downfall of Rochester and Antoinette’s relationship in Wide Saragossa Sea occurs due to the restriction and quarantine placed on Antoinette. Chains form around their relationship and Rochester begins to discriminate against everything Antoinette says. Rochester’s sense of dominance leads him to make claims that Antoinette has always been insane. Rochester’s ego elevates him to a place too high to ever notice Antoinette’s feelings or concerns regarding a healthy relationship. The stature at which he views himself affects his perception of her; she is always viewed in the wrong way and as insane. Rum drips upon the petals of their relationship changing its color, and loosening the links of the chain, but never actually freeing Antoinette from Rochester’s bondage. The chains eventually melt in the fire, and death is proved to be the only way for Antoinette to escape Rochester’s enslavement.
The relationship of Rochester and Antoinette’s begins with the gift of a beautiful Creole woman, when Antoinette is given to Rochester for pay after the loss of her mother and the family estate. Mr. Mason offers Rochester money to root her in a solid marriage, and in return, save him from his lack of inheritance from his eldest brother. In the artwork, the orchid shows how Antoinette’s beauty is planted and sprouts into a beautiful orchid with the foundation that he initially offers. However, the stem of the orchid is shown chained down, which can reflect Rochester and Antoinette’s relationship. The seemingly steady foundation soon traps Antoinette in an emotionally abusive relationship. The chains around the orchid can represent Rochester, and how he doesn’t allow Antoinette to grow as a woman and express her feelings. The potential for a h...

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...s the event that causes Antoinette to crawl into Rochester’s grasps, and escape from them at the end. The importance of the fire in the art work is to display how fire ultimately destroyed Antoinette’s life and future.
Rochester and Antoinette are ultimately rooted together in a marriage of convenience which settles economic disputes for Rochester and social issues for Jane. After the destruction of her family estate and the hatred from former slaves, Antoinette and her family have no security. Antoinette is forced to find a foundation and hope in a husband. However, by being subjected to a man who never loves her; a man who ignores her words and opinions, she is never able to fully express her feelings. The chains surrounding their marriage prohibit the healthy development of their relationship and eventually chain Antoinette to a stony man that she can never love.

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