The Downfall Of Julius Caesar Essay

The Downfall Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Julius Caesar was a very ambitions man, had he not been he would have never become the most powerful man in those days. He was ambitious of fame, fortune, power and control. Caesar was a man with cleverness in politics, generalship; he was a great orator and writing in such extend that he was called a genius. (Flattery)
Caesar ambition of power began when he join forces with Pompey and Lacinius which “they became the most powerful senators in Rome in 60 B.C” (Literature and its times: Joyce Moss and George Wilson). They would support each other’s goals but when one of them is killed the alliance start to fail, and is Caesar who want to save it. Caesar’s willingness to solidify the relationship with Pompey is a clear sign that he wanted not so much control and power but fame and recognition from the people. It is Pompey the one who did not want to be allied to Caesar and so much was the dissatisfaction of Pompey that he ended marring into one of Caesar enemy’s family which gave Caesar the sign of war between them.
Caesar’s useful skills in politics and leadership gave him the victory in many wars, his popularity increased and when he returned to Rome after defeating Pompey leaving him the only survivor of the tree most powerful man in Rome the senate was continuously honoring him. With his triumphs grew his power to which the senate appointed him a dictator for ten years. But Caesar was men that enjoy flattery, once he became the most powerful man he wanted to be the center of attention. “He was awarded the title of father of the country and his statues were placed in all the temples of Rome and towns of Italy.” (Literature and its Time: Joyce Moss and George Wilson). Caesar’s wardrobe was a type of a significant symbol of power...

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...ius tells Caesar that what will happened some day is that the Romans will use his blood for medicine, they immortalize him in portraits, relics and ultimately in knowledge. The senate knows that flattery is Caesar’s downfall and Decius has done his job to get him to attend his own death.
In conclusion the life of Caesar was honorable and full of triumphs and conquers, defeating any enemy that came to his path. If he had not been so much ambitious of flattery, fame and honors; he probably would have been a great leader of Rome. In the play as well as the critical analyses one can see that once Caesar return to Rome after defeating Pompey, he not only believed he was better than anyone else, he made sure the people will treated him as if he was a God. Ultimately Caesar wanted to be crown the king of Rome and the Senate made sure to eliminate him before it happen.

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