Essay on Down With The Sickness

Essay on Down With The Sickness

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Down with the Sickness
In 2010 popular media icons were comedians such as Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien. Fast forward to 2016 Donald Trump has become the most viral media icon across the world. These iconic men share many features for example: having abnormal amounts of money, making people laugh, and having outrageous hair. But there is a huge difference between Leno or O’Brien and Mr. Trump. Donald Trump is running for the American presidency. How has someone comparable to comedians become a front runner for the Republican Primary candidacy? The secret is popular media and viral sensationalism. Outlets like Facebook and Twitter as well as traditional media, in particular interviews or rally coverage, set politicians on the world stage for everyone to judge. But why has Trump gone viral and how is it an advantage?
To discover why Trump is viral one must discuss what it means to become viral. Being viral refers to viruses. A biological virus originates similarly to a viral video. Once the content of a virus is created and uploaded (via internet, television or a human host) it then begins being passed around. A virus doesn’t pass from one single person to the next. Viruses travel exponentially, multiplying rapidly until it has reached everyone possible. The time it takes to go through this process is variable but in terms of videos a couple hours or as quick as a few minutes is all it takes to become viral depending on the content. Using trends in popular media like crisis and violence Trump has created the perfect media frenzy to spread his message.
As long as a crisis effects the 1st world somehow it is bound to go viral. The most current viral crisis that most people are discussing is the Syrian war. This includes topics like ho...

... middle of paper ...

...t to go with them. The Clinton supporter has 100 followers meaning 25 more people are coming to watch with that follower. Whereas the Trump supporter has 200 followers so 50 people end up joining the Trump follower.
When viral culture and media trends bring fighting and hate out of the deepest depths of the earth it is hard not to fight back and rally as many people possible. At the end of the day when on media there is only one thing you can do to combat hate, shut it off. Turn off notifications for Trump. At the height of Trumps candidacy his face was plastered everywhere now, early April 2016, Trump fever has subdued and we are starting to see Ted Cruz coming back in the polls. Bullies can’t do anything if they don’t have a voice. We need to give our energy to people who deserve it not those who will set us back 100 year into racism, oppression and general hate.

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