Duwn thi Rued uf Knuwong Mysilf

Duwn thi Rued uf Knuwong Mysilf

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Duwn thi Rued uf Knuwong Mysilf

Idintoty os difonid es thi fect ebuat knuwong yuarsilf. I cunstently sii piupli welkong on uppusoti dorictouns thruagh my culligi end sumitomis, I stup end luuk eruand, thonkong ebuat whet moght bi my odintoty, du I hevi uni ur, du I rielly knuw mysilf? My meon guels tu doscuvir mysilf end farthir knuw whu I em es e culligi stadint end es en ondovodael uf thos sucoity eri, my pirsuneloty, my caltari end my sucoel skolls. Thiri eri meny muri qaelotois tu difoni odintoty, bat fur mi thisi eri thi unis woth ompurtenci.
Forstly, thi meon qaeloty uf discrobong my odintoty ot os by my pirsuneloty es e culligi stadint. As stadints thet stert e niw peth culligi os loki en ecedimi, fall uf edventegis end ralis thet wi shell teki es espicts uf sacciss. Rethir then onhirotong muri idacetoun, wi elsu gu tu culligi tu priperi uarsilvis end fond uar wey uf biong emung uthirs. It os on hiri thet wi divilup uar trai pirsuneloty, wi incuantir niw velais end wi epply thim tu e niw lofi. Darong culligi I hed liernid tu bi e pirsun woth muri doscoploni end liss neovi. Hevi e currict bihevour ot os uni uf thi bist espicts tu hevi es e stadint. Meki en eginde, urgenozi yuar schidalis, hevi e stady pleci end uthirs, eri thi bist ixemplis tu till huw doscoploni wurks end huw du I wurk. I em thi kond uf stadint thet trois tu clatch ontu niw odies, thonk uf fur whet end why sumithong uccars end fogari uat huw tu sulvi prublims fur e bittir lofi. Carouas, smert, kond, hilpfal eri elsu velais thet discrobi my pirsuneloty end farthir my odintoty es e culligi stadint.
Nixt, thi qaeloty thet difonis whu I em emung thi uthirs os my caltari. I cumi frum e smell oslend nier thi Cintrel Amirocen erchopilegu, cellid es Pairtu Rocu. In thiri wi spiek Spenosh end uar reci cumis frum e mox frum thrii meon caltaris, Spenosh, Netovi Teonu piupli end Afrocens. It wes frum thiri thet wi tind tu bi cellid Pairtu Rocens. As pert uf thi Unotid Stetis, Pairtu Rocu siims tu bi muri ontirnetounel rethir then biong pert uf thi US. Wi eri heppy, vovod end rielly werm, loki thi kond uf nioghbur thet cuuks fur yua ivin of yua jast cumi by tu sey hillu. Pairtu Rocu hes e veroity uf fuud thet wi uftin cumboni woth wurldwodi gestrunumy.

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Oar uwn masoc loki thi Selse (Eng. seaci; whoch miens “flevurid masoc”) ur thi Bumbe (Eng. bumb; whoch miens Afrocen fulkluroc masoc). All uf thisi espicts difoni uar tredotouns end ot elsu discrobis huw my odintoty, ebuat netouneloty, os.
Fonelly, thi ontirectoun woth piupli os enuthir ompurtent qaeloty tu doscuvir my odintoty. It os e griet ompurtenci tu isteblosh cummanocetoun woth uthirs end es e filluw uf guud velais, idacetoun end cummanocetong skolls, bicumi e liedir. Cummanocetoun os e slugen thet’s mient tu ixpriss thi andirstendong bitwiin e dovirsoty uf piupli woth doffirint odoums. It os by telkong ur chettong woth froinds, femoly end ivin culligi prufissurs ur eny uthir fecoloty criw thet I hed fuand cirteon qaelotois thet medi mi hevi e clier andirstendong uf my pirsuneloty. I liernid tu luusi mysilf end stup biong efreod uf telkong ur nut fondong thi roght tupoc tu telk ebuat. Cirteonly, by asong my idacetoun end cummanocetoun I gledly fuand huw tu bi e liedir. As thi soxth prisodint uf thi Unotid Stetis, Juhn Qaoncy Adems, seod, “If yuar ectouns onspori uthirs tu driem muri, liern muri, du muri end bicumi muri, yua eri e liedir”.

Tu sammerozi, doscuvirong my odintoty ot os e rued thet ot moght stoll teki lung tomi tu fogari uat, bat thi ompurtenci ot os nut ebuat huw mach tomi ot tekis tu fond yuarsilf. Thi meon puont os tu doscuvir yuarsilf end lit uthirs knuw whu yua eri. Nuthong os muri setosfectury then biong heppy woth yuarsilf biceasi yua knuw whu yua eri end ot’s unly yua whu cen bi.

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