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Looking down the hole that led to nowhere, I could taste the bitterness of my fate; the sour spit that hunger had released into my dry mouth drizzled around in an uncontrolled manner. My stomach churned and my intestines were strangled, as though a snake had twirled around them and slit them with its sharp and jagged teeth releasing a strong poison that irritated the surface of my innards.

My eyes blurred for what seemed eternity leading me to the subconscious of my mind.
Every worry and problem provoked my mind constantly, almost an endless quest.
I suddenly opened my eyes realising that they were closed; simultaneously I dipped my bare hand into the water, a cold and slimy substance oozed it way up to my view as an adrenaline rushed through every nerve of my body, a shot of electricity shot at me. My eyes widened and a bright red colour clouded the water, a pool of blood? My mind flipped at every moment and every different assumption displaced every new thought.

I grabbed the material that was blocking the water from going down the hole that led to nowhere with my left hand.
My hand shaking at every thought, a cold shiver ran down my spine as cold sweat trickled down the side of my forehead. I lifted my hand up and a strong smell hit my nose, it was the smell of blood. I lifted the object and shock hit me like lightening, fear displaced my sadness, sickness changed my bloodstream from blood to a thick liquid pus and vomit. I held the muscle with my right hand as my left hand was paralysed with shock. The adrenaline shot me forcing me to move but shock shattered me into thin slices that were impossible to put back again.

I fetched frantically for a plastic bag, my body sweltered with heat as I felt away for...

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...rt. I could taste real blood leaking out of my mouth. A bolt of lightning jolted every nerve within me and an aggravating pain caused me to collapse. I was shaking and by eyes bulged out as a sharp pain forced its way through every nerve and vessel in my body. My brain was closing; I knew this was the end. My intestines felt as though they were being ripped into thin strips and blood was gushing out of me like a fountain. My ribs were being crushed into powder and a cold air entered my half open body freezing every part of me, every cell, and every drop of blood. I was iced until I suddenly froze. My eyes were still open and I could still see a little. They went. They disappeared. They ran like the wind, rushed like the waves and vanished into thin air.

I lay there with my eyes open wide.
The blood drained slowly.
All became a blur.
Suddenly my heart stopped.

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