Dove vs Olay: Who's The Better Seller? Essay

Dove vs Olay: Who's The Better Seller? Essay

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When we’re flipping through a Cosmopolitan magazine, we often times don’t stop to observe advertisements. Some might catch our eye at first glance and some we may hardly recognize. Dove and Olay chose certain colors, repetition, sayings, size, lines and strategies when they developed their advertisements for body wash. Both companies have good and bad things about the advertisements they had published in the magazine that is aimed towards young adults. The two ad’s might make one feel completely different, while they both serve the same purpose.
In the Dove advertisement, the pastel colors that were chosen might make a consumer feel a sense of cleanliness and rejuvenation. However, the colors in the Olay ad might make a consumer feel refreshed, soothed and clean. One chose dull colors that dominate the ad, while the other chose cooling colors in the background with white being the dominate color. Often times, our eyes attract more to colors then just a plain color like black or white. A company who uses more vibrant colors then just a plain color in their advertisement might sell more products then the competing company. Adding more colors to their advertisements could have been a good choice from the consumer’s point of view.
Fresh flowers and fruit is a repetition that was placed around the Dove product bottle, along with the splash image of body wash and water. A repetition that was chosen for Olay was basic bottles floating in water, while their product appears to be rising from the water. Dove’s repetition of fruit and flowers gives one the impression that their product smells fresh. Dominance is a repetition Olay chose when creating their advertisement. Their product rising above the basic bottles that represent lead...

... middle of paper ...

...y as well.
Advertisements are something consumers see on a daily basis. Colors are picked for a reason, whether it is to catch an eye or make one feel a certain emotion. Dominance and refreshing is a repetition feeling the consumer might feel when looking at both advertisements. Sayings might compare and contrast, or make a consumer think that the product does a number of things. Sizing of items on an advertisement is what could first attract a consumer to look at the ad. The use of lines shows movement, which is what both companies chose to place on their advertisements’. Trust, Commitment and Emotion are strategic goals these companies have developed during the creation of the body wash advertisements. Dove and Olay have excellent Cosmopolitan advertisements of the same product, which in my opinion as a consumer; give the impression of two different feelings.

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