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Dove 's Choose Beautiful By Dove Essay

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Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” Analysis
Dove, the multi-billion-dollar skin care company, is something we mostly are all familiar with. Dove sells personal care products from soap, body wash, hair products, and deodorant. The company produces several advertisements and commercials we see daily. Dove’s ad campaigns are known for being some of the best marketing strategies. The company works hard and efficiently to create commercials and advertisements that will increase sales. Last year, Dove came out with a new video called “Choose Beautiful” emphasizing their Campaign for Real Beauty. This campaign started in 2010 with the vision to empower women to see their true beauty. It has brought a lot of attention to media with good and bad criticism.
“Choose Beautiful” was used as an iteration for the Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove released a video of a social experiment conducted with women from all around the globe. The experiment included women from San Diego, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and Sao Paulo. All the women in the experiment differed in many ways from their skin color, hair texture, age, and race. Dove labeled two doorways side by side; one labeled “average” and one labeled “beautiful”. They filmed to see how women would react to the signs and which doorway they would choose. Most women looked at it and chose average while a few chose beautiful. The purpose of the experiment was to show how women perceive themselves. In the video,
Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty’s vision was to encourage women positive relationships with themselves and the way they appear on the outside. A woman’s self-esteem impacts her daily life effecting the decisions she makes. Dove’s senior global director, Victoria Sjarden, said “Dove wanted to inspire ...

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... we should be using words like “choose contentment, choose confidence, and choose dignity. These words could empower everyone and not just aim for audiences of females.
Another powerful interpretation of the “Choose Beautiful” advertisement came after doing some research. Dove is owned by the corporation of Unilever. Unilever owns several businesses such as Axe, Vaseline, Lipton, Caress, Degree, and many other businesses. After some research, critics found that Unilever also sells a cream called “Fair and Lightening”. This cream is used to lighten the color of skin with ingredients that are “natural, reversible, and completely safe.” The consumers of this product are mostly in the Middle East. However, the fact that the same company that sells cream to lighten your natural skin also is selling products with a whole campaign for “real beauty” is hypocritical.

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