Essay about Double Theory Of Double Consciousness

Essay about Double Theory Of Double Consciousness

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1) Double Consciousness- Double consciousness applies to how Clare Kendry views herself. She is trying to fit in to the white community by acting white and going along with her husband’s resentment of black people, but at the same time she wants to be a part of the black community again. He husband states “I don’t dislike them. I hate them. And so does Nig for all she is trying to turn into one” (page 69). This is possibly the best representation of Clare. She wants to be part of the black community, but she also acts like or really does hate that it is a part of her, which is why she has tried so hard to become white. She even at one point states “I do think that colored people- we- are too silly about things” (page 62) in reference to the fuss being made over having dark children or a dark husband. The reason it is not silly is because the darker black people, who actually looked black and couldn’t pass like Clare, had to face much more adversity than she had had to. The mixed women of this book saw themselves not only through the eyes of their black community, but also through the eyes of the white community that they could become a part of. This then created a double consciousness for how they viewed themselves and others based upon the views of the majority that they were influenced by.
2) Biological Racism- This can be seen in how Clare’s husband feels about black people. He states on page 68 “No n*ggers in my family. Never have been and never will be”. He thinks it is fine for his wife to have a darker complexion so long as she is not black because he views them as “black scrimy devils”. He thinks that if a person is black, then they are inherently bad people, and he hates them. This can also be seen later on when Wentworth...

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...m “illegal immigrant” is false, hurtful, and demeaning. In his one quote, he stated that “the term dehumanizes and marginalizes the people it seeks to describe”, which can also be said for the word “n*gger” (Vargas paragraph 3). In Passing, the character John Bellew uses the word many times to both degrade and criminalize black people. He uses it to also dehumanize them and make them seem more like the monsters he believes them to be, and in hopes to also convince others to believe what he does. He refers to them as “black scrimy devils”, which further seeks to demonize them in the eyes of his audience, which are at this point all white-black mixed women ironically (Larsen 70). Such as the term “illegal immigrant” is hurtful towards 11 million people, the word n*gger is hurtful to many more. Both are terms used to try and take away the humanity of the minority group.

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