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Double Standards in Society
Society is more satisfactory to men than it is for women, but there are areas in which women have the upper hand against men. While years ago girls were not allowed to do the things men did, and it is now more acceptable in society for women to do some of the same things as men. We have a vast issue with double standards and gender roles. When did it become okay for society to frown upon men or women just because they did something that is not accepted in this society that we live in? Or for it to be okay to put blame on the opposite gender just because of an action they took when it was also equally the opposing genders doing. It does not matter what the issue is but either men or women will have the upper hand, there is no in-between if it is not socially acceptable. We live in a world where it is okay to discriminate against a certain gender more than the other because of an action that was taken, double standards will always be a big issue in female vs. male gender roles, even though we now have more and more public figures addressing these issues we still have a long process ahead of us.
Men are not judged like women when it comes to sexuality and if men are judged, it is usually in a positive way. “Why is a woman less of a person because she has sex?” (Valenti). Men are not “less of a person” just because they have sex, on the contrary, they are praised for this type of behavior. “The purpose of the word "slut" is: controlling women through shame and humiliation. Women 's bodies are always the ones that are being vied over for control” (Valenti) Woman 's sexual history is used against them quite frequently, whether it is by a group of friends, a workplace or even during a relationship it is const...

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...eone to have a certain behavior all the time, we need to learn how to let others express themselves without feeling conflicted about unspoken rules that we expect to follow.
Males and females will always be judged more than the other on a certain action that they decided to take. Though we might not have the same consequences when it comes to the issue, it doesn 't mean that it doesn 't affect us all the same. One of the two genders will almost always have a bigger advantage than the opposing gender, it doesn 't matter what the issue is, one will always be superior from the other. We still have a long ways to go until we are seen as equals in society, while we are getting closer everyday we won’t be able to truly fulfill this until men and women work together and fight for each other 's rights. Until then, we won 't be able to have the same advantages that we desire.

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