Double Double, Health in Trouble Essay

Double Double, Health in Trouble Essay

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Fast food is becoming one of America’s favorite pastimes, but do its benefits really outweigh its hindrances? Today, the fast food industry is beginning to target children and teenagers, gaining more and more of their business. Unfortunately, the side effects of fast food are beginning to catch up with Americans. The strong appeal of fast food can lead to negative effects on adolescents’ physical appearances and mental health, but can be averted through healthier nutritional decisions.
Today’s oversized appetites are the result of consumer manipulation. Fast food's marketing strategies succeed only when they induce a substantial number of us to overeat. The fast food industry has found that all that mattered was that it was fast and cheap. However, once the restaurants had slashed their prices to the bone, the franchises resorted to super-sizing, or the increase of portion sizes. As early as 1972, for example, McDonald's introduced its large-sized fries. Still then, “large” was considered 3.5 ounces—smaller than a medium serving today. Price competition had grown so fierce between the fast food restaurants that the only way to keep profits up was to offer bigger and bigger portions. By 1988, McDonald's had introduced a 32-ounce "super size" soda and "super size" fries. (Brownlee 2).
The appeal for fast food isn’t strong for everyone. However, the fast food industry continues to strengthen the amount of their loyal consumers by targeting children. By targeting children, they establish a strong fan base at young ages. An example of fast food venues targeting children is the Happy Meal, small fun-sized meals for children that come in a colorful box and with an intriguing toy. However, Happy Meals aren’t as happy as they are portrayed...

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... likely to have severe asthma, while young children with those eating habits had a 27 percent increased risk for severe asthma, eczema, and allergies” (Jaslow 1).Then, he quoted multiple researchers on their perspective of his claim. Jaslow’s purpose is to convince readers that fast food is linked to certain health symptoms in order to diminish their unhealthy eating habits. He adopts a logical tone in order to ensure his argument is taken seriously.
Undoubtedly, consuming fast food increases the risk of food poisoning. For example, an epidemic of undercooked hamburgers with the presence of E. coli emerged at Jack-in-the-Box venues around Seattle, Washington during January 1933. More than 700 people from at least four states were sickened by this event. Out of these 700 people, 200 were hospitalized and four died. Most of the victims were children (Schlosser 198).

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