Essay about Dot Laser Treatment

Essay about Dot Laser Treatment

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The dot laser treatment helps to restore the skin color and texture with the new laser technology. It can soften the mild creases, reduce the fine lines and wrinkles and fade away the abnormal pigmentations that have occurred overtime. Dot laser is also used for treating acne scars and other forms of traumatic scarring.
How does it work?
Dot laser therapy is mainly based on using the power of Co2 laser. The Co2 laser is used in a refined and controlled manner. This helps the surgeon to individualize the laser treatment according to your skin type and your specific needs. The most significant part of this treatment is that this treatment can be performed using topical anesthetic during which the patient remains awake.
Dot laser technology helps the treatment of chest, neck and extremities that includes the hands. The fractional dot laser Co2 technology has controlled settings. This helps in gentle resurfacing of the areas in the chest and neck and this would have not been possible with other Co2 lasers.
Apart from it, the technology used in dot laser treatment has replaced the other types of fractionated lasers. This is because other treatments involve up to six months of treatment that is necessary to see any visible improvement in the skin appearance. However, with dot laser technology, a single treatment is sufficient to see the remarkable improvement in the skin color and texture. The skin color is improved with reduction of sun damage and skin texture is improved with the reduction of fine lines.
Dot laser therapy creates much less redness. The amount of redness is dependent on the depth of treatment.

Recovery time:
The recovery period of dot laser treatment involves a skin discoloration for a period of 5-7 da...

... middle of paper ...

...ime. This ‘fractional’ treatment helps the skin to heal much faster. So the rate of healing with the fractional treatment is faster when compared to the treatment of the entire area at once.
This laser treatment is different because it is the only system that penetrates the skin safely down to the dermis. This results in the natural stimulation of the new collagen with a minimal downtime. The damaged skin surfaces are replaced with the new epidermal skin. The Hot dot therapy provides an effective and safe treatment for patients.
A topical anesthesia is required to perform Hot dot laser treatment. The facial treatment is completed within 30 minutes. This treatment is suitable for neck, face and hands. The result can be achieved in 2-3 treatment sessions that are spaced about 2-4 months apart. Most patients notice a remarkable improvement sooner.

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