Essay about Dostoevsky 's The Double And Palahniuk 's Fight Club

Essay about Dostoevsky 's The Double And Palahniuk 's Fight Club

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Dostoyevsky 's The Double is a russian novel discussing the protagonist’s look-alive, his double, that attempts to steal his identity. This eventually drives the protagonist, Golyadkin senior to his downfall and admitted into an mental asylum. The author, Dostoyevsky is an existentialist author from the nineteenth time period that goes in depth on how the client (yakov) is driven insane by his “double” a man that has the same features as him. Another existentialist book written is Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. Fight Club is a novel written that portrays the same type of allusion between characters. The protagonist is battling a fight between his friend Tyler. In reality, Tyler is actually just part of himself, his split personality. Some may say it 's his double. Both these novels exemplify the same situation with a different existentialist way of demonstrating that. Curiosity led me to my research question:
To what extent are alternate identities used to express the tenets of existentialism in Dostoevsky’s The Double and Palahniuk’s Fight Club?

In order to fully have an adequate response to my research question I had to do outside research. Considering I live in New York City, the public library is always available and in reach. I also researched several articles and literary papers to focus my area of knowledge. My research is also based on close examination of the texts. Through my research I concluded that the two novels have similar back stories taking into account the time periods they were written in, they share several existential themes. My conclusion is that these two novels do express existentialism by the means alternate identities, using Tyler and Golyadkin junior. These works are able to portray the human spi...

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... and Edmund Husserl, etc are among some of the existentialist authors out there. (Rahn) The list goes on since existentialism ultimately became a famous movement. Common existentialist beliefs of the above philosophers include the above mentioned themes. Existentialism became an open door to new knowledge. During that time, it was daring to even discuss the meaning of life because it conflicted with religious beliefs. (Aho) Most people wanted to believe and obey God. They had fear that not believing would send them to hell and this movement was dangerous. (Aho) This belief of the people served the truth that it is hard to test a person 's current reality if they have been taught a certain mindset since the day they were born. The mind has been molded to believe that the current reality that people are living in, is all that they will ever come to know. (Corbett)

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