The Dorms of Today: A Place of Learning or Playtime? Essay

The Dorms of Today: A Place of Learning or Playtime? Essay

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After the long awaited day of graduation has passed, college then brings a new beginning of our lives. When we become faced with new opportunities and challenges. For most, college becomes the next step to furthering their education. Some think of going away to college as a way to forget the past and start a new identity. Others go to college to meet a new array of people, become involved with new activities, find out who they are, or simply because they feel college appears to be the next “right” step in their lives. In the back of every potential college students’ head lingers the idea of “freedom” that being away will bring them. Freedom from parents, family, and bad memories, are just a few of the people and ideas that make teenagers almost scream with excitement when contemplating about going to college.
With all the exposure to new subjects and events, students can fall into some bad choices without their parents and families holding them back. The main obstacle that does not have to be completed when arriving at college contains the act of sex. This worries the parents and in particularly troubles a gentleman by the name of Vigen Guroian. Guroian proposes an argument in the article “Dorm Brothel,” stating that colleges need to watch out for the children, mostly the daughters. Guroian presents a decent argument, but the article contains bias, he often contradicts his own ideas, and is overall hard to comprehend.
Guorian’s article “Dorm Brothel” happens to be an argument conveyed to his own place of employment as a professor of Theology at Loyola College in Baltimore. He wrote the piece because of his outrage of the sexual promiscuity across the college campus, which prevails to be a faith-based institution. Guorian uses...

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...rm Brothel” presents a decent argument, if the audience can comprehend the thoughts and ideas. Personally, I found it hard to take a stand on either side of the argument because I could not understand Guorian’s claim clearly. The article presents areas of bias, which makes the whole piece an opinion. He contradicts his idea that we should all return to the past when dealing with relationships and sex, as well as creates confusion about if the past was even better than today. Guorian does present good appeals to the audience such as ethos, logos, and pathos, but in this case the negative outweighs the positives.
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