Don’t like it? LUMP it! Essay

Don’t like it? LUMP it! Essay

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NO! In this great country of ours, WE, the people, don’t get to decide what to do about the issues that confront us. We only get to decide WHO decides. Our founding fathers set us up as a Representative Democracy. As a system of governance, it has its shortcomings. But, so far, it seems to have worked better than the others we’ve seen. Or, maybe not.

As a nation, we’re mighty upset with just about everything our elected officials have been doing lately. And, it’s not along partisan lines, either. At least that’s what the “experts” are telling us. All we’ve been hearing about from the news media, pundit TV, and issue-oriented talk radio is something called “anti-incumbent fever.” Apparently, we’re poised to “throw the bums out.” But, I don’t see how that’s going to happen.

First off, they’re not all bums, no matter how long they’ve been in office. Of course, this does not mean that we shouldn’t be on the lookout for good people with new ideas. It just means that we shouldn’t be arbitrarily tossing people out of office before we have better alternatives.

Second, collectively speaking, the last time I looked, Congress’s approval rating was in the TEENS. Individually, however, myriad constituent approval ratings for THEIR members of Congress were sky high. So, I guess this means that somehow all the other Congressional delegations are comprised of bumbling idiots, but OUR delegation is doing a superb job!

Out of some 45 primary races across the country—I’m counting all of them, not just the ones that make national headlines—so far only 3 incumbents have lost their bids for reelection. The local numbers are even more striking in terms of incumbents winning bids for reelection.

I wonder, though, is it possible for a polit...

... middle of paper ... voters are stupid. I’ve always believed that most of us are smart enough to out-shout the dummies, but using the past 12-years as a guide-on, I’m beginning to have my doubts.

So, the question becomes; Do WE the people really have the final say and the power to back it up when the United States Congress decides to do what’s in ITS best interests instead of what’s in OUR best interests? And, if we DO, precisely WHAT can we do? Think about it; I’m just asking.

Diseconomies of scale! Perhaps we should take a look at that possibility before it’s too late. Break things down into bits that are more manageable and start demanding that news be removed from the entertainment realm and the United States Congress (ALL MENBERS) stop speaking in Tongues!

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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