Essay on Don’t Judge Me, by Chris Brown

Essay on Don’t Judge Me, by Chris Brown

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“Don’t Judge Me” by Chris Brown explains the struggles he went through because he beat his girlfriend. He regrets what he had done and elaborates it in his song, apologizes, and tells people and his past girlfriend to not judge him. The title of the song “Don’t Judge Me” shows a lot about his identity, a woman beater; he made so many accomplishments in the past and one mistake ruins it all. Within his song he shows how people see him on the outside, where he is different in the inside. He tells how he wants to go back where he was and not let people judging him affect him. The music video shows the language of posture and what it means, with the meaning of the video itself.
The title itself shows a lot about the situation he’s in. “Don’t Judge Me” means to me that to not judge him for what he did. It’s simply his life and people shouldn’t have the right to judge people. I would agree because people would say “it’s my life, I can do whatever I want.” I find this ironic because a person that judges other people really identifies a person, especially famous people. When they are judged, they are forced to change to satisfy people. For example, let’s take Justin Bieber, he was known as a girly, wanna-be young boy. He change his appearance and did things that he knew were bad to boost his reputation. But unfortunately, it backfired and fans that already liked him for the way he was; now hated him or did something called “cut for Bieber” to convince him to stop. Cut for Bieber is torturing your body with a sharp edge for Justin Bieber’s wrong doings. He did this probably because of his past and how he was judged also.
Chris Brown had a successful career and the one mistake he made in his personal life changed everything...

... middle of paper ... as he left in the rocket ship to destroy a monster. The monster, in my opinion, represents the media because if the media didn’t exist, nothing would really happen with Rihanna and won’t make so big than it actually is. Chris Brown’s song, “Don’t Judge Me” didn’t want to be judge for his wrong doing because that’s what identifies him to people, not toward himself.

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