Don't Forget to Bring a Good Pair of Genes for This Summer's Games Essay

Don't Forget to Bring a Good Pair of Genes for This Summer's Games Essay

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All of the exciting moments we may remember from previous Olympic events may not compare to what looks like will be a very promising edition of the 1st annual 2080 Summer Hyperolympic Games which is set to take place in beautiful Athens, Greece this forthcoming August.
Fans eagerly await the likes of genetically engineered athletes including the American, Metta Sintric, with his dolphin-like abilities in the water, Milan Gaster, the Italian, the favorite to win the men’s cycling title, as well as Dolli, the Brazilian who has been deemed the favorite to win the women’s tennis tournament. These, as well as other, extravagant genetically superior human beings will take to the stage battle it out in 37 different sporting events this upcoming summer; the differences in their abilities being only marginal.
We should expect a summer filled with high speed and high intensity sporting. Recall, this has been the first year that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has granted permission for genetically modified individuals to participate in the summer games. Much debate had been instigated in previous years before arriving at the verdict two summers ago. The move automatically disqualified genetically unaltered human beings, thus, delivering a major blow to their Olympic dreams. The decision taken by the IOC, however, allows normal human beings to qualify after they have had their genome manipulated to standards outlined in section 128.3.c of the Proposal for the Establishment and Regulation of the Summer Hyperolympic Games (2076) which was passed and granted by the IOC in 2078. Strict adherence to these requirements stands for genetically modified individuals as well. Athletes wishing to participate in the summer games must complete a...

... middle of paper ... We live in an era where “bigger, better, and stronger” has become the norm in sports. The IOC and other entities involved should be ready to answer questions, as they will come under scrutiny.

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