Don't Drop Out Of High School

Don't Drop Out Of High School

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Don’t Drop Out of High School

Across the nation, 8.1 percent of students drop out of high school every year (Education Week). Studies have shown that not graduating from high school leads to more bad choices in one’s future. After one drops out of high school, it hurts their future occupation, their chances of getting in trouble with the law increases, and it hurts our country’s image.
While you’re growing up as a child and as an adolescent, you have dream after dream for your future. As you age through life and school, your dreams seem to become harder to reach. Dropping out of high school would be taking the easy way out, and your results will match how hard you worked-not very hard. Rather than dropping out of high school, keep on pushing through the hard times, and you will see results. The harder you work, the better and more special your outcome will be.
After dropping out of high school, most dropouts do not go into the workforce. A high school dropout will make $260,000 less in a lifetime than a high school graduate. You’re also contributing $60,000 less in federal and state income taxes(Monrad). If you drop out, your plain of careers will shrink tremendously. This is proven by the fact that 90 percent of jobs require you to have graduated from high school (Education Week).
Next I’d like to point out that seventy-five percent of crimes in the United States are committed by a high school dropout (Education Week). People who drop out of high school are 3.5 times more likely to be imprisoned at some point during their lifetime than one who has completed high school. Each class of high school dropouts costs the United States economy more than eight billion dollars in incarnation and lost wages every single year. Approximately thirty percent of federal inmates, forty percent of prison inmates, and fifty percent of persons on death row are high school dropouts (Monrad). This proves that you are more likely to follow up your bad decision of dropping out of high school with another bad decision.
While dropouts in jails and prisons are being fed by their institutions, just under one-third of dropouts receive welfare. The dropouts obtaining welfare are adding to costs that our country is losing(Economic Impacts of Dropouts). If they were to have finished high school, they’d have a job that pays more, and wouldn’t need to be on welfare.

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One may think, ”I’m just one person. What’s one more person?” One more person is one more person. Imagine if 500 people are on welfare because of that thought. Our country would save a large amount of money if they were to refuse welfare and work hard to have a good paying job.
The total population of dropouts hurts the reputation of our country because our country is supposed to be the “best” country in the world. How are we supposed to be setting an example to other countries if we have 7,000 students dropping out of school every day? The United States used to have one of the highest graduation rates of 27 developed countries, but now we are ranked 22nd (11 Facts About High School Dropout Rates). Does that sound like the ”best” country in the world to you? No, it doesn’t. The dropouts from every class will cost the country over $200 billion dollars during their lifetimes in lost earnings and unrealized tax revenue (Economic Impacts of Dropouts). That puts our country further into debt which is another thing that is not something an “example-setting country” does. Do you want to be responsible for being one more reason another country can put ours to shame?
Don’t drop out of high school and increase your chance of being convicted with unlawful actions, having a lower-paying job than you could if you finished high school, and hurt our country’s image. Don’t take the easy way out when it gets hard. Work hard, and help our country be the example-setting country I know it can be.

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