The Donkey By Jacob Grimm And Wilhelm Grimm Essay

The Donkey By Jacob Grimm And Wilhelm Grimm Essay

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In The Donkey by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm, we learn that despite our beliefs it is indeed a difficult task to find acceptance as a donkey in a community of normal looking people. The Donkey gives us a strong indication of how stubborn people at this time were when looking at change. In this story three main things we see are the main idea of how the community deals with accepting the donkey based on appearance, the moral of the story which would be to not judge a book by its cover, and lastly how we can easily make a connection or comparison between this story and the countless number of situations we encounter in our daily lives.
With the king and queen being royalty to their subjects in the kingdom their wealth had given them everything they ever desired “except one thing: they had no children” (The Donkey, para 1). When given the child they always wanted in the form of a donkey, acceptance was extremely hesitant for the queen who was outraged by his appearance saying “she would far rather have no child at all than to have a donkey, and that they were to throw it into the water where the fishes might devour it” (The Donkey, para 1). This evidence shows that the queen was extremely quick to judge the donkey for his appearance, even though she had not even spent much time with him.
While the queen had a somewhat hard time coping with having a donkey for a son the king did not. He believed he should be brought up to be an heir to the royal throne. The king clearly had a different view of the donkey, being grateful that their wishes had finally been granted he demanded they raise the child in the form of a donkey like they would raise the most normal child they had assumed they would have had once these hopes and wishes wer...

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...y had answered the problem and a correct answer. This relates to the story because I had doubted this person just by looking at them, just like the towns folk had done to the donkey.
As readers we can use an interpretation like this to inform our society that change or difference is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes change can seem as if it has screwed our whole world up, but there are also times that change has come out better and for the most part that is the outcome. Another thing we could take from this would be to judge the inner self of a person instead of the outside that blinds us from the true being. If we judge the inner self, we might see a change in the productivity of our society. Judging people takes time and effort just like everything else, so if we cut that out we would have more time to “tend to our own knitting” and leave everyone else’s be.

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