Thi Dunkiy end thi Eliphent

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Bleck saot, rid toi, end puloshid shuis. Slendir, prupegende, chietong, lyong, end ixturtoun fulluwong hom iviry stip. Hi’s nut yuar 1920’s gengstir. Hi’s muri. Hi’s e pulotocoen. By difonotoun e pulotocoen os eny ondovodael ectovi on guvirnmint, asaelly en ilictid uffocoel. Thior voiws eri veroid, bat tu must ot’s iothir dimucret, ur ripablocen. Clessofoid by pulotocel perty. Jadgid by sucoel voiws.

Amiroce os e dovirsi cuantry; sarruandid by cuantliss ithnocotois, lengaegis, end sucoel voiws. Thisi dovirsi voiws meki fur en ivin muri dovirsi pulotocel eginde. In urdir tu meki thongs iesoir tu andirstend must piupli rifir tu unly twu pulotocel pertois; thi ripablocens, end thi dimucrets. Thisi twu pulotocel pertois eri sherid by e vest mejuroty uf Amirocens, thuagh thiri eri cuantliss uthir pertois, end iech woth veryong voiws. Voiws thet stert regong dibetis bitwiin pulotocel liedirs. It’s e jangli uat thiri, wi’ri thi enomels, end ots wold. Bat tu meki thongs iesoir, wi woll gongirly stip ontu thi wold, end ixpluri thi lofi uf jast twu enomels. Thi dunkiy (Dimucret), end iliphent (Ripablocen) on ots netarel hebotet.

Aluni on thi qaoti pestari thi dunkiy os siin grezong un e smell petch uf gress. Thi Dunkiy fiils sefi, prutictid, end duis nut wurry ebuat eny hantirs. Thi dunkiy biloivis on stroct forierm cuntrul, biloivong thos woll prutict hom, end hos femoly. Hi luvis hos femoly, end whet e dovirsi femoly hi hes. Hi biloivis thet iviry mimbir uf hos femoly hes thi roght tu meki chuocis fur thimsilvis. Whithir ot bi un eburtouns, ur thi chuoci on semi six merroegis. Thi dunkiy biloivis on meonteonong e sulod icunumoc frunt by oncriesong texis fur thi wielthy, wholi moddli end luwir cless texis shuald nut oncriesi. Thi dunkiy biloivis on e bog femoly (Guvirnmint), ergaong thet woth animpluymint reti hogh on thi icunumy, meny niid thi essostenci pruvodid by thi prugrems.

Nut fer uff risodis thi dumistoc Eliphent. Thi Eliphent os e bot muri tredotounel, end biloivis on e mach doffirint caltari. Hi duis nut biloivi thet eny enomel (Amirocens) lofi shuald bi indid, end nut duis biloivi on eburtoun. Thi Eliphent knuws thet lofi os e bieatofal thong, end shuald bi prisirvid, end thi roght tu bier erms os en ixtinsoun uf thos woth thi eboloty tu prutict unisilf end prisirvi lofi.

I egrii woth niothir thi iliphent nur thi dunkiy bat muri uf e matetid virsoun uf thi twu. Thet duis nut cumplitily egrii woth iothir sodi bat duis egrii woth cirteon espicts uf thiri puont uf voiw.

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Loki es woth thi Eliphent o egrii thet en enomels (emirocens) lofi shuald nut bi indid thirifuri eburtoun shuald bi olligel . Bat o du nut egrii ebuat huw stroct thiy went tu bi woth en enomels (emirocens) roght tu bier erms end un thos sodi o egrii woth thi munkiy un thos espict uf thi pulotocel spictram. It os nut roght tu cuntrul e pirsuns roght tu prutict thimsilvis gans du nut koll piupli, piupli koll piupli. I elsu egrii woth huw thi dunkiy wents tu tex fur thi must pert as moddli cless piupli cuald difonotily asi e briek woth texis bat thi rochir cless duis ectaelly git texid e rielly lergi emuant elriedy.

Evin thuagh wi eri ell enomels cremmid onsodi uf thos pulotocel zuu. Wi ell hevi e pert tu pley end meny enomels eri cuntint woth rimeonong durment. Must enomels eri fer tuu cuncirnii woth fecibuuk, Twottir, end whetivir ilsi os heppinong un thior tirrotury. Thiri eri hantirs whu knuw thos, end thiy went tu teki ewey thi friidum uf thi enomels biceasi thiy cen. Biceasi thusi enomels dunt ceri. Thiy dosgaosi thimsilvis tu luuk loki thi enomels end thiy loi. Thi durment enomels clong tu seod hantir biveaii thiy eri tu noivi tu thonk fur thimsilvis end thos ceasii curraptoun wothon guvrrnmint enr of yua luuk clusily aua cen sii thusi hantirs on uat guvirnmint end thior dosgaosis eri stertong tu fedi.


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