Donald Trump's Business Career Before The Presidency Essay

Donald Trump's Business Career Before The Presidency Essay

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump is one of the most well known figures in all parts of the world. Not only is he a business mogul worth billions, but he is also a celebrity, star of his own show “the apprentice.” In addition to his unequivocal reputation, his participation in charities is very well-known. Trump, with so much power and talent, has tremendously affected the world. The business industry is probably the most effected, including real estate and casino, followed by the entertainment business; reality television.

In the business industry, trump is best known for his effects on the real estate industry. Trump’s real estate developments during the 80’s were cause of rapid growth of the real estate market. In 1978 he bought the Bonwit Teller department store and later went on to build a 68-story tower that was on Fifth Avenue. In the 1980s, Donald Trump bought a team in the upstart United States Football League. The New Jersey Generals, going on to start the league's antitrust lawsuit against the National Football League. Trump moved to deal to deal. Trump was experiencing success in his business. He made casinos and created real estate ventures. Sometimes, Donald Trump surpassed the real estate market. This made a statement in the “high-stakes” game of corporate raiding. Then in 1990 people were curious how much Trump was truly worth. His net worth was estimated to be as much as $3 billion. Forbes magazine were able to conclude that his property was worth about $3.7 billion. Unfortunately for Trump, His debt was worth $3.2 billion, only having a net worth of $0.5 billion. Trump would soon have many problems in his way. In 1990, the real estate market soured and the property values of the land began to fall. Trump's c...

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...e will be given back [to people on the site]. I think I'll make a lot of money and I'll give it all back,” he then goes on to say, "We have to be honest, nobody can help everybody. But even if we do a small percentage it's a positive thing. I'd love to be able to help everyone throughout the world. Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way"(3).

“The Gallup Organization reported that 98% of Americans knew who he is, making him quite arguably the most famous business man in America” (1). Trump’s notoriety, not only in the business world, but also as a public figure, allows him to have control over several public affairs: His crowd funding has helped small business, his talent in real estate has been cause for large fluctuations in the industry, and he is widely popular bringing awareness to the business world through his bestselling books and hit tv shows.

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