Donald Trump 's Campaign Message Essay

Donald Trump 's Campaign Message Essay

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Before the 2016 presidential elections, Donald Trump looked to have lost decisively to Hillary Clinton, but how did Trump, who was prospected by most political scientists’ to lose significantly, completely obliterate his opponent? I believe this occurred because Donald Trump ran his campaign more effectively through a strong campaign theme, a better connection with the people, and a smarter use of his resources.
The theme of a campaign plays a major role in how people view the candidates. For example, when looking at each of their slogans, Hillary’s campaign message “I’m With Her” was less collective than Donald Trump 's campaign message “Make America Great Again” which was about the American people and how we as a whole can advance our nation 's future. Donald Trump 's campaign focused on political issues, and how he wanted to change America rather than smear his opponent. Hillary Clinton spent millions on ads smearing Donald Trump. Why should it matter if their campaigns focus on the negatives more than the positives? Or vice versa? I feel it matters because people are fed up with...

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