Donald Trump: Entrepeneurial Ability, Both Born and Made Essay

Donald Trump: Entrepeneurial Ability, Both Born and Made Essay

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Over the centuries, civilization has had a prevailing number of successful entrepreneurs. From Steve Job’s technology revolution to Walt Disney’s lucrative entertainment business; such are those who revolutionize their own self-made businesses, cultivating it to reside in today’s thriving marketplace. But beyond this substantiality lies an even more intriguing question: “Are [such] entrepreneurs a special breed, born into this world with a drive and need to succeed […], or can they be created through education, experience and mentorship?” (Daley 2013, p. 65). Evidently, this deep-seated debate over whether successful entrepreneurship stems from nature or nurture has resulted in a division of sentiment.

One of which hails from the notion of Professor James V. Koch suggesting, entrepreneurs are born “with a specific set of genes and characteristics” (Vennare 2014). As Koch puts it, “some individuals are simply more naturally fitted to become entrepreneurs,” because “they are pre-wired” with an entrepreneur gene (Kihara 2014). However, this calls to question an opposing school of thought advocated by Professor Julian Lange with the opinion that entrepreneurs are made and can be taught. Lange’s assertion derives from the belief that individuals can discover their entrepreneurial passion in a class setting and have their enterprising skills and abilities enhanced through teaching and practice (Daley 2013).

As deviating as both sentiments are, however this dissertation’s verdict does not belong to either one or the other but instead is of the opinion that successful entrepreneurs are both born and made for the reason that individual and corporate success – by means of identity reinforcement, skill enhancement, venture opportunity an...

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