Don 't Stop On My Account Essay

Don 't Stop On My Account Essay

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Smiling, Karl encouraged him, “Don’t stop on my account. That food smells too good to wait. I can always just talk to you about some things I wanted to first anyway. You can speak up, interrupt, or just let me ramble on if you’d like. It’s up to you.”
“Real?” Johnny looked gratefully at him.
“Really,” Karl assured him.
As the three of them ate, Doctor Druthers explained that anything they talked about would be kept a secret unless he was worried John would hurt himself, it would affect his recovery, or it was something that his family needed to know about.
“What I want to know is how you feel about things, so that I know you are happy and healthy as much as possible. If you have a bad day or a good day, I’d like to know why. If you are mad, or sad, or upset about something, let me know. I can try to help you find out why and how to deal with it. Things won’t be easy for a while,” Karl cautioned. “I am more than happy to stick around and help you, just as I have been helping your family and their friends. You can talk with me by yourself or have someone with you if you would like. It is up to you and you can always change your mind during our talks. Your Uncle Roy and Aunt Jo have already said that they wouldn’t mind being told that you want them to leave. I would like to talk to you alone when you are ready.”
Johnny took in what this doctor was saying. Unsure of what to do or say, he just continued eating until he couldn’t eat anymore. Still, he stayed silent. Neither one of the three adults spoke, content just to allow him to think things through.
“Black doctor say color don’t matter to them,” John start speaking slowly and quietly. “I see in head faces that look hurt, look scared. It is cause I hurt. The people stay by me, hel...

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...ay here with you is the only way he and his family will get sleep tonight. If he wasn’t here, they’d be wondering if you were alright. It’s just a part of being a part of a family that loves and cares about you, so don’t feel bad.”
Nodding, Johnny wondered, How’d he know I felt that way?
“It’s written on your face, Junior,” Roy said.
Shock appeared next, causing the three adults to chuckle.
“Don’t worry,” Joanne assured Johnny in a whisper. “What Uncle Roy doesn’t know is that I can read the rest of the family just as well as he can read you. It all evens out.”
Unsure what she meant, John just nodded and waved as Karl took his leave as his day nurse came in. Knowing what that meant, he sighed heavily and tried not to panic. Thankfully, within the hour, he was up in surgery and by the next morning, John had no recollection of being moved to surgery or back to his room.

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