Don 't Fear The Enemy Essay

Don 't Fear The Enemy Essay

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Don’t Fear the Enemy
As early as it is, I’m sitting outside of class patiently waiting for my teacher to open the classroom. It’s the first week of school and I’m still trying to get used to my new high school in California. On warm and beautiful Wednesday morning, the sun rises and the majestic birds open up their wings as they fly across the sky. The cool and breezy air rushes pass my body as I begin to take deep breaths, “Ahhhhhhh”. The weather begins to remind me of home back on O’ahu. My mind and body is mentally and physically prepared for school. I begin thinking to myself, “This will probably be a great day.”
Its homeroom and there is twenty minutes to spare before the first class. I place my elbow on the desk making my hand into a fist and lay my cheek against it. Beginning to close my eyes I start to talk to myself, “I try to make new friends but it’s so difficult.” In the world I live in, everyone here are so judgmental about style and looks. If a girl wears make-up correctly, they’re beautiful and worthy to be friends with. If someone dresses up plain and doesn’t stand out, no one really wants to be their friend. As I continue to ponder I say to myself rolling my eyes, “I am definitely not the girl to wear make-up everyday nor am I fit like some other girls here. I want to be known and gain friends because life just feels like I have no attention from others. Being lonely feels shameful.” Even though it seems like a negative thought, I’m going to ignore this situation and go on with the flow of the day. The first bell of class begins ringing and I got up with my head held high.
After a long day in school, I still haven’t made any friends although people talked to me during class just about the scho...

... middle of paper ...

...s going to be people to ruin my dreams or plans and are often called “dream killers.” It isn’t about trying to be accepted anymore, it was about being myself and doing what I enjoy.
On a chilly afternoon in my room, I take out a pen and paper and began to write a letter to Jake saying thank you for his support and encouragement. While writing, my phone beeps and it’s a text message from Kylie. She apologized for the way she reacted and I was feeling very surprised. Although I was furious by everything she said and did, I know for sure to never fear dream killers by what Jake told me. After a few months of being at my new school, Jake and I became great friends and began forming a band together on campus to share our passion in music. Kylie even became one of my close friends as we studied in school together and did adventurous things to grow in our friendship.

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