Don 't Blame The Eater Response Essay

Don 't Blame The Eater Response Essay

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Don’t Blame the Eater Response
Common sense seems to dictate that fast food is bad for you, however, many Americans consume fast food on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. In “Don’t Blame the Eater,” David Zinczenko argues that fast-food companies and the food industry are to blame for America’s obesity epidemic, essentially that it is not the individuals fault for becoming obese, and that in essence, fast-food companies ought to take responsibility for the health issues induced by consuming the food. He explains how bombarded you are with unhealthy, greasy, and fattening food everywhere you look; whereas it is much more difficult to access healthy alternatives. He describes the vicious cycle of purchasing cheap ailing meals, rather than home-cooked or healthy substitutes when you have a busy lifestyle and poor socioeconomic situations. He follows by exclaiming that not only are the fast food corporations targeting children, but they are misleading consumers with inaccurate labeling of nutritional information. Zinczenko ends the article by stating that this epidemic could be easily resolved if fast-food companies weren’t able to be so sneaky with their advertising, healthy alternatives were more cost-effective, and fast food hazards were more frank.
In recent discussions of fast-food, a controversial issue has been whether it is the individuals themselves who are responsible for America’s increasing obesity, or if the fast-food industries should be held accountable. On one hand, I agree that the fast-food industry is substantially a big factor in the ever-growing obesity of Americans. On the other hand however, I do not believe that it is only the fast-food companies who should be held accountable. In the words...

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...lthy and good for them along what they should try their best to avert from. I believe on one hand, the parents should be responsible for what their kids are intaking, but on the other hand I urge parents to knowledge their kids to have self responsibility to choose, themselves, the more beneficial snack, meal, and drink.
It follows then, I believe and, agree with David Zinczenko that it is very difficult to make healthy lifestyle decisions, like food choices, when it is more cost effective, convenient, and less time consuming to pick the unhealthier one. I agree that Industries and fast-food companies should be forced to warn consumers what harmful ingredients are actually harbored in the food we are intaking. Furthermore, I believe that not only should the parents, but, as well as the kids, should be responsible for what they are putting into their bodies.

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