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St. John Melchoir Bosco - Don Bosco
The ‘Salesians’ being the second largest Catholic order in the world exists for only one reason,
‘for the youth.’ Its sole purpose is to continue practicing Don Bosco’s living practices and
teachings; to continue to teach and treat the youth of the world with love, kindness and goodness
rather than with curse and anger. Don Bosco was an educational practitioner rather than
an educational theorist, and so his way of teaching the young was completely different to that
of his era. Because of his different stance in the system, his way of
teaching the children was often misunderstood and he was critcised
and opposed by the civil and church authorities for some time. Despite
these circumstances, Don continued to work with the youth in a
loving manner rather than the repressive way, which was approved
and acknowledged by the society in general as the correct method of dealing with the young
during the time. His early childhood experiences and with his mother’s in his life were said to
be the biggest influences upon the development of his work with the youth and the Salesian
education legacy.
Don Bosco was born in northern Italy on 16 August 1815 in a religious Catholic family. He grew up without a fatherly
figure and was bought up in a highly dysfunctional family that lived in dire poverty. Because of these experiences in his
early years, Don later as a priest felt the sorrow of so many orphans in his country and the world. Despite dire poverty
and severe family dysfunction, Don’s early life is characterised by great vivacity, deep religiosity and a willingness and
ability to do almost anything. He demonstrated a great aptitude for study. He entertained both the young and old with

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...ness and goodness was ultimately proved through Don’s series of work as the best way
of dealing with children. Don Bosco created a new revolution. A world better for the young. Where systems such as the
repressive system was proved to wrong, not effective and most of all, its plain cold. The Salesian order continued to expand
to other countries to build schools and churches for the young and needy.
Exhausted finally by unceasing work, he fell seriously ill. He died on 31 January 1888, in his meagre room a Valdocco, at
the age of 72 years. Don Bosco lived 72 full years of hard labour for God and for young people. On 1 April 1934, Pope
Pius XI, who was fortunate enough to know Don personally, proclaimed him as Saint. Today there are thousands of people
working in every continent and most countries to continue the spirit and mission of Don Bosco amongst the young.

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