The Domino Effect On Everyday Life Essay

The Domino Effect On Everyday Life Essay

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The chain of events or sometimes referred to as the domino effect in everyday life can mean multiple things. You do well in your job, show up on time, always get your job done, you may end up with a promotion. You may be driving too fast, in a hurry to get to school, it has been raining all night, you hit water standing on the road and you hydroplane causing a collision. We each see some sort of domino effect each day within our lives sometimes it is so small we miss it, but then there are some that rock our lives. Five percent of individuals, five out of every 100 people, who are checking into a hospital, will obtain a hospital acquired infection. “Infections acquired in the course of medical care are called nosocomial infections.”1Nosocomial infections are a domino effect in the hospital. A patient comes into the hospital with one infection but leaves with a different or worse infection. Sometimes this particular domino effect is the cause of a medical professional being negligent with their job and not properly caring for their patient or maybe something as simple as forgetting to wash your hands after pulling your hair up and then caring for a patient. Some patients are more susceptible to hospital acquired infections due to their environment, their immune system could be compromised, or even their hygiene all makes them more susceptible to nosocomial infections. This does not mean patients who are in good health and with ideal environments cannot acquire nosocomial infections; they are just as much at risk as any other patient in the health care facility. The cause of a nosocomial infection can be a result of many things, the lack of proper hand washing technique, improper sterilization techniques or breach of sterile fields...

... middle of paper ...; it also affects the hospital in a very negative way. Fortunately for the public, standards are becoming more strict to eliminate the laziness in not using personal protection equipment, but accidents that cause hospital acquired infections will continue to happen. All the healthcare workers are needed to do is to eliminate simply one link of the chain of the infection to obliterate the “domino effect” of hospital acquired infections in the health care facility. Eliminating that one chain can be as simply as putting on gloves before coming in contact with a patient but then again it could be much more difficult depending on the patient’s health and how susceptible they are to infections. No one is entirely safe for contracting a nosocomial infection but there are numerous ways for the health care workers to decrease patient’s possibility of contracting one.

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