Domestic Violence Within The Countries Of India And Pakistan Essay example

Domestic Violence Within The Countries Of India And Pakistan Essay example

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This paper is a cross-cultural comparative analysis of domestic violence within the countries of India and Pakistan. Domestic violence can occur when there is a former or current partner within a relationship utilizes their dominance and control in the relationship through different forms of abuse such as; physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse which ultimately results in trauma to their other partner. Based on WHO statistics, 35% of women worldwide experience some form of domestic violence. Domestic violence is becoming a recognized worldwide epidemic that has been followed by grave psychological and physical trauma on women and children.
Domestic violence against women is an epidemic in India. Between the ages 15-49, 1 in 3 women experienced physical violence while 1 in 10 experienced sexual violence. This statistic shows that women have and continue to suffer the experience of domestic violence at the hands of their partners and/or family members. Married women in India are more likely experience domestic violence by the hands of their husbands.
This form of domestic violence is very common through varies causes; one cause stems from the orthodox and mindset that society has placed on women which leads them to become physically and emotionally submissive than their male counterparts. In today’s present society women have proved themselves that they can excel in fields of life where males have demeaned them on. The common practices of domestic violence for women is battering, stalking, and dissatisfaction with the arrangement of the dowry which leads to the exploitation of women for more. The distinct greed for the women’s family dowry, need for male child, and apparent alcoholism has contributed greatly to the f...

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...m in potential fear of doing wrong.
Considering the cultural differences in India and Pakistan women experience domestic violence differently from varies cultures. When it comes to domestic violence every culture handles it different based on the traditions, laws, and views that have already been established from previous generations. There are different efforts to raise awareness of domestic violence through the support for present/past victims, strengthening the justice and legal implementation, addressing the causes/risk factors of domestic violence, and quicker services to respond to violence against victims. While there are efforts to decrease domestic violence, there will never not be an absent statistic in accounted domestic violence. This can only be controlled and made aware through education, improved laws, and speaking up against partnership violence.

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