Domestic Violence : The Bossy Boot Essays

Domestic Violence : The Bossy Boot Essays

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This ad named The Bossy Boot, published March third twenty fifteen, shows a picture of a big, muddy boot, sitting on top of a pink high heel. The ad has a dark background that makes it seem even more eerie. The ad is setup in a way that makes you think about the issue it is portraying by looking professional and having a quote that is powerful. The overall meaning of the Ad is for people to think about domestic violence. It draws people’s attention to the way the pretty high heel looks, trapped under the big boot. The Bossy Boot shows logos, ethos, and pathos to show us the issue of domestic violence.
This advertisement shows us logos by making people think about domestic violence. When you look at the big boot, obviously worn by a man is stepping on top of a small women’s shoe, it automatically makes you think about domestic violence. As quoted, “When he controls your life, it’s no longer your life.” This quote is powerful and directly speaks to the women who are in controlling abusive relationships. It also speaks to people who know someone who is being abused and that they should speak out. It pulls you into the sad scene with the dark lighting all around almost making it seem suffocating, which causes the small woman’s shoe to seem unimportant, compared to the big muddy boot that is trapping it. It logically makes someone understand that, domestic violence is a huge problem and needs to end by clearly stating a powerful quote and creating that dark color scheme to draw your attention to the shoes. This strong ad makes a person stop and think about the issue it is portraying with the words and the setup of the ad. Making it very successful in grabbing people’s attention on the issue.
The Ethos of the ad is made credible by ...

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...oman whose husband controls her. It clearly makes people feel emotionally compelled to want to help. The dark lighting with the only light in the room being pointed at the shoes points to the real problem and sets up a sad scary setting.
The Bossy Boot illustrates ethos, pathos and logos of domestic violence. It appeals to the emotions of people who feel domestic violence is wrong and persuades people to want to speak up and end spousal abuse. The picture comes from a credible organization that helps battered woman and children find safe homes away from their abusers. It reaches out to the logical side of us by stating that, “When he controls your life, it’s no longer your life.” With the lighting and the overall feel of the Ad, it shows how dark domestic violence is. Overall the entire ad is successful and clearly shows what the ad is trying to raise awareness to.

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