Essay on Domestic Violence : No Way Out

Essay on Domestic Violence : No Way Out

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No Way Out
Throughout our state, our country, and our world, there is a rarely spoken of problem destroying the lives of innocent people every day. In America, 1 in every 4 women become victims of domestic violence ( In many areas, there are programs that incorporate a combination of resources, to keep victims safe while simultaneously ensuring that they have a way to get out and stay out of abusive relationships. Here in Hays, many incidents of domestic violence are never fully resolved, resulting in the victim fleeing and reuniting with the abuser after finding they have nowhere to turn. Women and children become trapped. Not because they choose to be, but because they have run out of options. The resources meant to help them are incomplete, which forces them back into abusive relationships.
I have ample insight to speak on domestic violence issues because I have lived it. I have friends and family who also have, and a few who are stuck in it right now. Women who come from serious abuse are afraid, lonely, and often lack social skills. Having had it pounded into their heads for so long that they are worthless, they eventually start to believe it. Many abused women think they do not deserve any better. Abusers cut their victims off from the world, and that is how they manage to manipulate them to such an extent. They cause problems with their victims’ families and friends, or outright forbid them to remain in contact.
Domestic violence victims are often forced to lie and deceive their own families and friends, so they are the ones blamed for their friendships ending. They end up completely isolated from everyone who cares about them. Then they are told by the abusers that nobody else cares for them and that the...

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... plausible for the local shelter to purchase a van or two to transport clients to appointments, daycares, interviews, etc. Providing daycare, even if by appointment only, should be attainable. If not on site, then again, collaborating with local daycares could make it much easier for clients to find work. Also, someone could help with paperwork, gathering information, and to advocate for those needing to apply for food/medical/cash assistance. Just having internet access and computers available at the shelter would help tremendously too. A lot can be done online; from job applications to searching for daycare to signing up for food assistance. Likewise, lacking both transportation and internet access, greatly multiplies all of the aforementioned problems. As with most issues, the first step toward positive change is having people who care enough to make it a reality.

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