Domestic Violence Is The Willful Intimidation Of Power And Control By An Intimate Partner

Domestic Violence Is The Willful Intimidation Of Power And Control By An Intimate Partner

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Domestic violence is the willful intimidation of power and control by an intimate partner against another. It doesn’t always look the same because every relationship is different. It can happen to any sex, age, race, gender, or religion group. Abusive relationships come in different forms including physical abuse, sexual abuse and even emotional abuses, but in all cases you find one partner controlling another. It can result in physical injuries, emotional trauma and sometimes death. All of these can affect a victim’s life for a long period of time. There are many different signs of domestic violence and many people wonder why an abused victims stay with their partner.
Domestic violence at the beginning stages is difficult to notice because it starts with a marvelous and perfect partner, but in due times it turns controlling. It might start off with minor name-calling, or negative put downs. The abuser will continue to apologize to prove to the victim they are only acting that way out of love, but the violence and control always interferes over time. Domestic violence can happen to anybody anywhere at any given moment. Majority victims of domestic violence lack self-confidence and they never bring violence upon themselves. When domestic violence occurs in a relationship it is never equal, even when the victim tries to fight back they are always overpowered by their partner. All relationships are different, but abusive relationships are mostly common with their methods used to gain control over the victims. Statistics have shown 3 out of every 10 women and 1 out of every 10 men have experienced some form of violence behavior throughout their lifetime.(NCADV.2016) Domestic violence impacts all aspects of a person’s life including ...

... middle of paper ..., women of different races, victims with disabilities, and legal aid for surviving domestic violence victims. It pays for services for female adults and teen victims to help protect them from dating violence and stalking.
Counselors of domestic abuse victims will always say if your partner hits or strikes you once they will do it again. Even though it might not be serious at the time, things can change at any given moment. It is better to take precautions early on and always have a plan, rather than becoming stuck in difficult situations. Many victims of domestic violence believe there is no way out and they won’t receive help if they try to escape the abuser. There are many opportunities offered for women and teens to make sure they stay safe whether it is a safe house or a shelter. It becomes harder to investigate when a victim won’t speak up about the abuse.

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