Domestic Violence Is A Widespread Problem Essay example

Domestic Violence Is A Widespread Problem Essay example

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Domestic violence is a widespread problem in America. How common do you think domestic violence is in America? The domestic violence issue in America is often overlooked and not seen as big issue. Each year an estimate of 2-4 million women become victims of domestic violence according to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. There are 3 women murdered everyday by a former or current partner in America. Every 9 seconds in the U.S a women is beaten or assaulted. More than 20,000 phones calls are place to domestic violence hotlines. Women are 70 times more likely to be murdered by their abuser a few weeks after leaving the abusive relationship. Domestic Violence is the 3rd leading cause of homelessness among families. Every year 10,000 children are exposed to domestic violence each year. Domestic violence amount to an average of 37 billon in cost for law enforcement, medical and mental treatment. Although domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of gender estimate of 85% of domestic violence victims are women who suffer from men abusers. I will discuss exactly what domestic violence is. The several types of abuse that forms domestic violence and also signs of domestic violence. I also discuss what we can do to try to end this epidemic.
The first step in trying to end the domestic violence epidemic is to understand what domestic violence is and how domestic violence starts. Domestic violence is the violent or aggressive behavior within a home, relationships, and families. Domestic violence is made of different types of abuse such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Most women who are victims are often left feeling worthless against their abuser. Most domestic violence incidents start small, because victims trus...

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...when confronted about their role in the domestic violence relationship. In many abusive relationships the abuse is not made clear overnight. Domestic violence isn’t the same in every relationship. Always try to look for the main red flags in abusive relationships. Some red flags are keeping are keeping your love ones away from each other, embarrassing your love ones, bruises or marks on the body. If you believe you are a victim of any form of domestic violence seek help from your family and friends to get away from the abuser. There are also hot lines you can call to get help for domestic abuse. The national domestic violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233. Each city also has domestic violence assistance such as hot lies and shelters for victims. Always remember domestic violence is never okay and never let a abuser keep you silence about the abuse that takes place.

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