Domestic Violence : Fast Facts On Domestic Abuse Essay

Domestic Violence : Fast Facts On Domestic Abuse Essay

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Every fifteen seconds within the United States, at least one person faces domestic violence. (“Uniform Crime Reports”). The United States Department of Justice defines domestic violence as “a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner.” This statement explains the basis of domestic violence, but there is much more depth when it comes to this act of abuse. The act of domestic violence affects not only the victims, but also their unknowing children. Children face consequences as a result of witnessing domestic abuse within their household and action needs to be taken to solve this ever-present issue.
The act of domestic violence can take many different forms, but the two main aspects are physical and emotional. (“Domestic Violence: Fast Facts on Domestic Violence”). Physical abuse takes place when a perpetrator uses physical harm in order to remain in control or to gain control of their partner. Types of physical violence include: being hit, bitten, shoved, grabbed, etc. Any physical action that one does to cause harm is considered physical abuse. In addition to this, sexual abuse is another form of physical abuse. Sexual abuse takes place when the victim is forced to participate in a sexual act that is not consented. Acts of physical abuse are usually easier to spot; therefore, law enforcement can assist victims in being removed from the situation. On the other hand, emotional abuse is not so easy to recognize. While emotional abuse does not leave its mark on the outside, the assault is still felt within the victim. Due to the fact that emotional abuse does not leave any visible signs, it often is overlooked. Emotional abuse is the ...

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... the United States, whether it is the community, the victims themselves, or especially the children who are exposed. The United States as a community faces the loss of paid work, funding, and days of household productivity due to domestic violence. These losses affect the country as a whole. Within the United States, many people become victims of domestic abuse and while this continues to happen, more and more children become second-hand victims to the abuse. Children who live in households where domestic violence is present witness these acts of violence and have a hard time processing what they have seen. Due to this, these children tend to acquire psychological damage. The children who are witnessing one of their parents be physically and/or emotional harmed need the help of the country to overcome this and find plausible solutions to these avoidable situations.

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