Domestic Violence During The Brutal Homicide Of Secondary School Teacher

Domestic Violence During The Brutal Homicide Of Secondary School Teacher

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From the brutal homicide of secondary school teacher, Manjit Panghali, of Surrey BC in 2006 by her husband, to Nicole Doucet of Nova Scotia arranging a professional hit on her partner, not even the worlds seventh ranked country in Global Peace can ignore the screams of domestic violence occurring behind closed doors. Although no universal definition is agreed upon, Domestic Violence is perceived as a “range of abusive behaviors that occur within relationships based on kinship, intimacy, dependency or trust The many faces of abuse include physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, financial victimization, and neglect” (Sinha, 2012).
While recent societal responsiveness and condemnation of spousal abuse has had paramount success, the issue remains persistent due to the sadistic power and control experienced by the abusers and recurring resurgence of fear, shame, and humiliation in the victims (“Spousal Abuse,” n.d.). Previous literature suggests that female victims are more susceptible to physical, emotional, and financial abuse than are males. This raises the question of why women stay in abusive relationships, particularly since protective tools such as restraining orders, peace bonds and Battered Women syndrome self defense laws have been enforced to protect their welfare.
Women have been considered mere possessions of men since the roles of the genders were historically implemented, constantly degraded as the weaker sex. Accordingly, a husband was legally permitted to beat his wife with a stick with the exception that it was to be less than or as thick as his thumb. A husband sexually assaulting his wife was not considered rape up until 1983 when a female MP finally forced changes in legislature (“Spousal Abuse,” n.d.). Vi...

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...orts to minimize harm and maximize protection should be the highest priority of the Canadian government when it comes to domestic violence for both women and men. For a man or woman to physically or sexually abuse their significant other may be a technique of rational choice and process of decision-making, strategically forcing them to stay in an abusive relationship. Other factors such as children, fear, humiliation and financial instability play large roles in the inability to leave, regardless of protective tools like peace bonds, restraining orders, and provided shelters. Although trends of domestic abuse are decreasing in Canada, they still exist (Siegel & McCormick, 2012). Thus, it is our responsibility to report such crime to the police, so that evidence is not buried and cases of domestic violence do not climb their way through the criminal justice system

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