The Domestic Violence Assistance System Essay

The Domestic Violence Assistance System Essay

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Unfortunately, there have been faults in the domestic violence assistance system. Summers and Hoffman stated that, “extensive services/interventions were often developed in the absence of scientific knowledge of the problem and without adequate coordination among law enforcement, social agencies, and health care advocacy groups” because of the rush there was to respond towards domestic violence (181). Starting with the Family Prevention and Service Act, the National Network to End Domestic Violence website claims that it funds “emergency shelters, hotlines, counseling and advocacy, and primary and secondary intervention” (1). Enabling there to be help provided, that way victims had programs to help them through their situation. The hotlines are useful for victims because they primarily focus on them, and they are also the turning point of most victims. On the other hand, hotlines have received negative outcomes because “nearly 40 percent of the 3 million child abuse and neglect complaints made annually to child protective services hotlines… are ‘screened out’ and never investigated”, stated Mohr and Burke (4). Negative perceptions derive from situations such as these, and creates distrust in the programs that are meant for helping. The hotlines need to be trusted because it’s the easiest accessible form of receiving help.
Next, the Child Welfare services and the Child Protective Services are designated to ensure the safety of children that are in danger. With increase of reports of abuse because of previous laws such as the Violence Against Women Act, encouraged there to be more reports but instead of helping it handicapped the system. From the previous article, reports have become increasingly high that it has described the sys...

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...onger be a problem. The case worker is usually presented a healthy family because the abuser has threatened the family, and ruins the chance of the family being helped. The case worker can install a camera and a security system made for domestic violence victims only. That way less time is taken from calling the police, and the victim risking their life because they have called for help.
Domestic violence and child abuse is a serious issue that needs awareness and better systems for helping abused victims. Many lives are ignored, and unfortunately could possibly end in fatal death. Let’s try to avoid many funerals, and save lives from domestic violence. With solutions provided, increase in awareness and funding could decrease the amount lives affected by domestic violence. The helpless victims can then be safe knowing they will receive the sufficient amount of help.

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