Domestic Violence And Women Of Patriarchal Society Essay

Domestic Violence And Women Of Patriarchal Society Essay

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Domestic Violence in the Society
 Women of patriarchal society are more likely to be the victim of domestic violence than women of non- patriarchal society.
 Immigrant women are more likely to be the victim of domestic violence than nonimmigrant.
 Educated women are less likely to get victim of domestic violence than uneducated women.
 Employed women are less likely to get victim of domestic violence than unemployed women.
 Children who witness domestic violence are more likely to involve domestic violence than non-witness children.
 Society where man consuming alcohol has more frequent domestic violence cases than society with less alcohol consumption.
Patriarchal society- It is defined as a social system where the male is considered to be the head of the family. All the rights and privileges are solely given to man and he has an authority to rule every member in the family. Man is only the decision makers and all the power, prestige and properties are inherited by him. According to Preeti S Rawat, “According to Walby (1990), it is a social system in which the role of the male as the primary authority figure is central to social organization, and where males hold authority over women, children, and property. Patriarchy imposes masculinity and femininity character stereotypes in society which strengthen the iniquitous power relations between men and women.”( Patriarchal Beliefs, Women 's Empowerment, and General Well-being p.g 44).

Domestic violence- According to Simuforosa Magwa ,”Domestic violence is the victimization of a person with whom the abuser has or has had an intimate, romantic, spousal relationship. It consists of a pattern of coercive behaviors used by a compete...

... middle of paper ... frequent domestic violence cases than non-male dominating society.
 The society where male and female are equal has a low level of domestic violence activity.
 If immigrating to another country can be lowered, than there will be reduced number of domestic violence case.
 Strong education enforcement for women is associated with low level of domestic violence activity.
 Independent women who can earn their living are less likely to get victim of domestic violence.
 Women’s Employment is associated with low level of domestic violence in the family.
 Continuously witnessing domestic violence in the family can result in involvement of children in intimate partner violence later in their life.
 The availability of alcohol in the society can tremendously increase in consumption of alcohol, which can be associated with more domestic violence case.

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