Domestic Violence And The Abuser Essay

Domestic Violence And The Abuser Essay

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Understanding Domestic violence and the abuser is crucial, as there is a fine line to understanding the whys, the red flags, and what actions to take if one is ever exposed to the violence itself. Looking at statistics such as: “In the United States 1 in 4 women (24.3%) and 1 in 7 men (13.8%) report experiencing severe physical violence” (, 2016), “Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten” (Domestic Violence Stat., 2015) with these numbers provided any person can feel frightened for his or her safety. Raising awareness from the home into the communities is the first step in early prevention. In addition, statistically it has been shown that there are far more shelter services available for women (99.32%) then for men, (0.68%) (Hoff, Slide Show slide 10). As many domestic violence victims are women there are almost as many men, which leads to the understanding that it is important to raise awareness on the lack of support available for the male victims as well as victims of various sexual orientation. Should there be more shelters available for men, homosexual men and women who are victims of domestic violence? Currently in the communities throughout the U.S., men and homosexual men and women are underserved when it comes to domestic violence assistance and we ask ourselves, why? As the issue of domestic violence rises, the help for the underserved is harder to find, it can be due to the way society preemptively labels who is the victim and who is the offender by their gender or the way they present their feminism or muscularity. More resources are needed for the underserved that do not pass judgement upon them when seeking help. The point is that there are many individuals who are victims of domestic violenc...

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...street with attached information for hotlines as well as local shelters. Social media being on the rise can also be utilized as an online questioner can be provided for individuals to fill in via a link resulting in a cost effective matter. Being able to obtain vast amount voices would allow for the communities to be heard and allow for more funding to support these individuals.
In conclusion, all lives matter no matter the gender, sexual orientation, or age group, everyone deserves an equal opportunity for safety. In order to provide safety, the communities and individuals need support to know they are not alone and that help is out there. Research cannot move forward without the victims’ voice; society mutes these individuals by placing labels on them, therefore working together is an option to help spread awareness and understanding of domestic violence.

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