Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse Essay

Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse Essay

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“When things were good, they were so good. Like I said, I was always secure with him. He might try to hit me and he might try to kill me, but nobody else was going to do it. Nobody else was going to talk bad to me or hurt me or talk bad about me. That just was not going to happen. I was secure in that sense with him. He was going to protect me from everybody else. Candy twenty-something white woman, North Carolina” (Hattery, 2009). This quote is taken from a woman who was abused by her husband, which is known as intimate partner violence. It is also known as spousal abuse or domestic violence. Intimate partner abuse/violence is when a person in a relationship, whether married, sexually intimate, or cohabiting, and is being abused or treated in a violent way. The importance of IPV is that it happens to often in relationships, whether married, sexually intimate, or cohabiting. IPV abuse is very common in the United States, and many couples often experience at the least some form of abuse.
In today’s society, many women are treated violently by their spouses, while they suffer in silence. Intimate partner violence can affect anyone, no matter what race, age, religion or revenue. IPV is a pattern of abusive or threatening behaviors used by a person on a lover or family members, to ultimately gain power and control over the household. It is also known for the abuser to contain power and control of the victim throughout the relationship. It most often occurs in married or cohabitating couples, although it is refer to violence against another, it mainly ensues toward women who receives the abuse from their significant other. It has been described as a pattern of behavior, were one partner inflicts violence on the other, such as physic...

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.... A study conducted showed that there are four important factors in the social psychological level, physiological factors, trauma from abuse as a child, childhood learning, and lack of communication skills and impulse control. These issues do not necessarily cause spousal violence but they do contribute to it. No male or female should ever have to put up with an abusive relationship, because when people look for a relationship, most people are not trying to find a person whom is going to be abusive toward them. Unless of course the person looking for the relationship is accustom of abuse them self, they will continue to find an abuser. For those who feel that abuse is “normal” is just heart-rending. Everyone should have the opportunity to live their lives without having to be abuse. Unfortunately, people continue to involve themselves in violent relationship.

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