Domestic Violence And Sexual Abuse Essay

Domestic Violence And Sexual Abuse Essay

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When, most people hear the word domestic violence they automatically think of abuse between two partners; however, domestic violence has different categories. These categories include child abuse, intimate partner violence (IPV), disabled adult abuse or elderly abuse. Goodman, Fuller, and O’Shea (2012) define domestic violence as the physical, emotional or psychologic, or sexual abuse; financial exploitation; neglect; or stalking of an individual by a person with whom they have a martial, familial, social, or dependency relationship (p.19). I am going to be focusing on intimate partner violence; intimate partner violence is any abuse in either a heterosexual or same- sex couples by a current or former intimate partner or spouse from ages eighteen to sixty (National Institute of Justice, 2007).
In Leslie Morgan Steiner Ted Talk (2012), she brought up some stereotypes that I personally had; such as someone is stupid for staying with someone that abuses them; however, Leslie said how victims know just how dangerous it is to leave and stated that over 70% of domestic violence murders happen after the victim has left. This completely shocked me; you would think once a victim has left their abuser they would be safe and could start to rebuild their life. As a result of the violence victims of IPV face they can lose a total of nearly 8.0 million days of paid work, which is the equivalent of more than 32,000 full-time jobs and nearly 5.6 million days of household productivity (CDC, 2003, p.1). This forces victims to become financially dependent on their abusers making leaving that much harder, especially if children are involved. With such a high percentage of victims being murdered after they leave and feeling finically dependent on th...

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... or alternating episodes of both. Irritable bowl syndrome can be caused by stress and emotional arousal, which victims of abuse usually experience in greater rates than non-victims. According to Campbell (2002), Battered women also have significantly more than average diagnosed functional gastrointestinal disorders such as chronic irritable bowl syndrome (p.1332).
Domestic violence is not just a local issue it affects everyone and is a national issue. In the Ted Talk given by Leslie Morgan Steiner she explains how women from ages sixteen to twenty-four are three times more likely to be a victim of domestic violence and that over 500 women in this age group are killed each by abusive partners. We need to remind victims that they are not alone and that they should not be ashamed. As a society we also need to remember that it is the abusers fault and not the victims.

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