Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Domestic And Family Violence Essay

Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Domestic And Family Violence Essay

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The term "domestic violence" typically refers to violence between adult intimate partners. The range of conduct included in this term currently varies with the context within which it is used (National Academy Press, 1996). Clinical definitions are often broader than legal definitions. For example, one clinical source defines domestic violence as a pattern of assaultive and coercive behaviors, including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks, as well as economic coercion, that adults or adolescents use against their intimate partners (Family Violence Prevention Fund, 1996, p. 5.). By contrast, a model code on domestic and family violence limits its definition to acts of physical harm, including involuntary sexual acts, or the threat of physical harm (Family violence: A model state code. Reno, NV: NCJFCJ, 1994, p. 1.). The batterer uses this emotional or physical force to get or maintain power and control over the other person. It occurs between current or former spouses, partners or within a dating relationship. Victims can be any age, race or gender and be from any socioeconomic and educational background.
Domestic violence creates havoc and chaos in the lives it infects. The intra-psychic and interpersonal effect of the violence inflicted by a loved one far outlasts the physical wounds. Victims of abuse are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, eating problems and sexual dysfunction (World Health Organization, June 2001). Domestic violence does more than break the bodies and spirits of women and children; it deprives women of their ability to earn an income and has a severe cost to the economy. The California Institute of Mental Health recently reported that in two long-term case studies...

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... hours women spent working whom experienced domestic violence versus women who did not, confirmed that women who experienced domestic violence remained unemployed or worked approximately ten hours less than other non-victims. (Meisel et al., 2003). Helen McLaren (2013) confirmed that employment is a significant variable for women to achieve independence and stability for herself and her children. These positive effects can lead to positive outcomes across their lifespan after leaving the violent situation. Women can live without fear and feel secure within their home and social environments. Since there has been only little research linking domestic violence and economic autonomy, we strive to focus on the reliability between these two variables. We hypothesize that women experiencing domestic violence will result in more negative economic effects than positive ones.

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