Domestic Violence And Female Violence Essay

Domestic Violence And Female Violence Essay

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Domestic violence and women.
At least 23% of women in Australia have experienced domestic or family violence this accounts for around
2.2 million women. It is a pattern of abusive behaviour through which a person seeks to control and
dominate another person or persons. It’s recognised that women experience domestic violence at higher
rates than men do. Domestic violence is often not recognized by others, A Woman herself may not
recognize that what is happening is domestic violence.
Domestic and family violence occurs when someone in an intimate or familial relationship attempts to
gain and/or maintain power and control over another through a wide range of abusive behaviors.
Relationship violence usually does not take the form of a single incident. It is ongoing behaviour that
gradually ruins the victim’s confidence and weakens their ability to leave the violent person. The severity
and frequency of violence often escalate over time.Abuse can be difficult to identify, because an abusive
person doesn 't always act this way. Sometimes they may be loving and kind. forms of abuse include
psychological, economic, emotional and physical.
When a Woman is constantly abused and put down she may start to think of herself as worthless. Many
women feel powerless. Many women stay in abusive relationships because they are too afraid to leave. If a
Woman does decide to separate, it is not unusual for her to return to her abusive partner, particularly
when appropriate support and assistance is not available. It‘s extremely difficult to leave a violent and
controlling relationship. Women can often leave many times before they permanently leave a violent and
controlling relationship.There are many reasons for this including some of the following:
● ...

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...entually reproduce that behaviour.
If you call the Police or 1800 RESPECT, all information you give will be kept confidential. The Police or
the authorities may investigate the case. If they are worried about your safety, a court order can be made
preventing the person from hurting you, such as an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO).
Call 1800 737 732
(National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service) They can provide 24 hours/7 days counselling, support
and referral for anyone whose life has been impacted by sexual, domestic or family violence.
Domestic Violence Line
Call 1800 656 463
(Department of Family and Community Services) This is a 24 hours/7 days crisis support helpline.
Child Protection Helpline
Call 132 111
(Department of Family and Community Services) This is a 24 hours/7 days helpline for reporting of child abuse and neglect

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