Essay on Domestic Surveillance Should Not Be Allowed

Essay on Domestic Surveillance Should Not Be Allowed

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Many people live in fear that they are constantly being watched. Michael Jackson sang it best in the 80 's by saying, "I always feel like, somebody 's watching me," in his hit song with Rockwell. That 's exactly what the NSA and other government organizations are doing today with domestic surveillance. Everywhere Americans go and every corner they turn there is a camera, and every website or email they send is being monitored closely. So what can society do about this? Educate others on the situation and stand up for what is right. Some people believe they must give up some freedoms for protection, but at what cost? What is happening in America is not what the founding fathers fought for. Domestic surveillance should not be allowed because it is unconstitutional, it harms the public and cyber world, and is not necessary for public safety.
Many Americans believe domestic surveillance is needed to protect the country. Before 9/11, the worst terrorist attack was the Oklahoma City bombing. Before the Oklahoma City bombing there had been no terrorist attacks remotely close to the scale of these two in America. The NSA or other private government agencies are not the reason for this security from terrorism. If a terrorist is going to strike, he will do it without the government 's knowledge. If it is publicly known that America is being watched for suspicious activity, then why would terrorists openly use these devices to talk about their crimes. Therefore, domestic surveillance is not required for America to be safe from all terrorists.
Domestic surveillance is unconstitutional any way it is looked at it. It violates the basic human rights every person has, whereas every human being is born free and equal in dignity and rights. The ...

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...lance should not be allowed in America at any cost. Terrorism is a great threat and needs to be stopped, but not at the price of our liberty. Sacrificing our privacy for the sake of supreme protection is not the type of America our Constitution is written upon. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "The ultimate measure of a man, is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." This pertains to every American today. Just because society is comfortable in the life they live, does not mean that the controversial issue of freedoms and liberty should be taken away from America by its very own government. Domestic surveillance is not necessary for overall protection, it completely harms the public and cyber world in every way, is completely unconstitutional and should be restricted from its current use.

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