Essay on Domestic Affairs in the United Nations

Essay on Domestic Affairs in the United Nations

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The United Nations (UN) is one of the most important organizations the world has. It truly does make the world go around. As has been discussed in this unit, interdependence is defined as the dependence of two separate entities (whether it be people, things, or in this case countries) on one another. Now in terms of the UN, there are over a hundred different countries that all depend on one another to ensure the rights, freedoms, and basic needs of themselves. By using democratic tactics to prevent conflicts the UN helps elections worldwide, provides food to 90 million people in upwards of 75 countries and assists over 34 million refugees globally. Not to mention the positive push of globalization that they support. It’s key to note however that though the United Nations corroborates each country helping other countries, it also makes it essential that no country can interfere with domestic affairs directly. All participating countries must aid the global world, and in doing so become dependent on the aid they receive.
A mandate that can be used as an example is the peacekeeping mandate. Peacekeepers are men and women who travel to countries in crisis to give aid to the citizens and help resolve the conflict. Their mandate states that they are too: Stop the spread/outbreak across borders, stabilize the conflicts, assist in implementing peace, and lead the stated to a stable government. Nowhere in the mandate does it state that they are to intervene with civilians or in any way go against what is best for the country. By giving their aid the countries have a better chance of reaching a united nation.
Similarly, there are many agencies run by the United Nations that support interdependence. Take for example, the Food and Agricul...

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...hat they can, but never more than they need too. This is because it could lead to negative consequences for themselves. At the UN however it’s all about equality and justice, regardless of what is seemingly best for one individual.
I would like to think that the UN has a bright and cheery future. Clearly there will never be 100% smooth sailings. Natural disasters, terrorism, disagreements and war will likely always exist. However, thus far the UN has done so much to reduce the effects of all of the issues we see in the world. Some things may never be totally resolved, but it’s necessary for there to always be a source that is trying. The UN has reduced so many of the problems we see everyday such as poverty, infant/maternal mortality, and hunger. As more and more entities come together to strive for the same goal, I think the future of the UN is strong and steady.

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