Domestic Abuse Is A Pattern Of Any Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Sexual Abuse

Domestic Abuse Is A Pattern Of Any Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Sexual Abuse

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Cindy Matute
Mr. Florio P. 6th
October 24th, 2014
American Gov’t

Domestic abuse is a pattern of any physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse, which helps the abuser maintain power over another person. Organizations have been created, allowing the victim of domestic abuse to receive help and escape the abusive cycle. As the issue receives more attention, the federal government created laws to punish offenders. Domestic abuse and culture go hand in hand. Since the 19th century, views of what is acceptable have been deferred, and those beliefs are used to justify someone’s abusive behavior. In the late 1800’s domestic abuse started to become a documented and recurring issue, stemming from the economic, social, cultural, and religious power that allowed males to be dominant over women. This allowed men to control women by any means necessary. Court cases among court cases like, the Mississippi Supreme Court in Bradley vs. State 2 Miss. (Walker), Fulgrahm vs. State, and Louisiana Court in State vs. Dowell, most were trial and error until Congress passed laws that allowed women to sue their abusers, and guaranteed help for anyone in these circumstance, laws like The Violence against Women Act of 2005. STILL NEED A BETTER DEVELOPED THESIS
Domestic Violence was recognized very early, but in the 19th century 1800 BC “ the Code of Hammurabi decreed that a wife was subservient to her husband and that he could inflict punishment on any member of his household for any transgression,” (Overview of Historical Laws that Supported Domestic Violence) During the 1840’s the women affected by domestic violence used the temperance movement to gain equal rights, economic independence, the right for divorce, and protection from physical abuse for w...

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...the victims of a gender based crime to sue those responsible in court (Gertzog, Irwin N. 2003).
Supreme Court judges Eugene Premo from San Jose, drops charges on a man that murdered his wife. The judge’s verdict was that the California wife-abuse law was unconstitutional since it had a bias on sex because it only mentioned the husband. Many news reports on violence against women were often based on the male offender being headline news and the women were just the side news. Like for example “Husband Goes Berserk and Shoots Estranged Wife.” (Martin, Del (1976)). By the 1960’s Al-Anon, joined the movement of defending women, and allowed to treat them in their rehabilitations. Rainbow Retreats in Phoenix, Arizona, and Haven House in Pasadena California. Between 1964 and 1972 the Haven rehabilitation center sheltered 1,000 women and children (Schechter, Susan (1982)).

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