Domestic Abuse And Sexual Abuse Essay

Domestic Abuse And Sexual Abuse Essay

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Domestic abuse is quite a peculiar concoction to swallow. At first, it tastes like a sweet ambrosia but as it settles the pleasant dream quickly spoils into a putrid rot, leaving the victim confused and longing for what once was. Love- it is the factor that makes these cases so perplexing. The threats, the isolation, the insults, and the pain comes from what strikes as an unlikely source; an abuser whom one is close to or loves. To define, domestic abuse is intentional intimidation, physical assault, sexual assault, or any other abusive behavior by one intimate partner to another to display power or control. Its components include physical, sexual, and psychological violence as well as emotional abuse. As an outsider looking at a case of domestic abuse, a common question is why the victim opts to stay with his or her abuser. It seems so simple. If that person is abusive, why would anyone stay? In the article Secretive written by Jane Augustine, she shares her experience as a domestic abuse victim, allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of the situation victims are placed in and the thought processes that make them more inclined to stay with their abusers.
Jane Augustine remained silent about being a victim of domestic abuse mainly because of fear. Asserting power and control, Abusers usually have their victims under close surveillance. She feared that if she tried to reach out for help or voice her feelings, her husband would find out and the abuse will escalate. Even as she wrote, she had a constant paranoia that “he’d find it and that would set him off again” and if she hinted at the abuse that “he’d really blow up.” Writing on, Augustine delves into what it would she feared if she dared to drop the hint to her friend...

... middle of paper ... has been happening, she lies by saying that the “kitchen cupboard door...springs back sharply enough blacken an eye.” Verna could have bought into the fib or had suspicion of the dubious explanation but brushed it off since it would be too much of a bother to confront. After the incident in which he berated her for spending too much, she was thankful that her face was not involved and wore a long-sleeved blouse the next day. In attempt to make the abuse less noticeable to the outside world, her husband deliberately avoid parts that could not be covered up like her face and aimed for her arms which could easily be hidden by sleeves. Augustine had to take it upon herself to pretend that everything was okay as well. For the most part, she lied and hid the evidence, making it difficult to uncover the truth if people are not taking the effort to look under the surface.

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