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Domestic Abuse And Domestic Violence Essays

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Domestic abuse has become increasingly common in the United States. According to author Robert Moment, “ 1 in 4 women will fall victim to domestic violence at some point during her life”(Moment). Often women have no idea that they are experiencing domestic abuse and as a result they suffer in silence. Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence infographic, Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence: 10 warning Signs of Abuse and an Abusive Relationship informs women on different signs of domestic abuse by using pathos and logos arguments, while unsuccessfully using ethos. This infographic heavily relies on pathos to convey its message that abuse and domestic violence is unhealthy and that it is something that needs to end by explaining the ways that someone can be affected by domestic violence. The infographic also largely uses ethos to make the reader believe that the conveyed information is credible through the use of statistics and trust. Surprisingly the graphic has a rather weak logos argument because while it uses facts and statistics none of these statistics are properly cited. Overall the main takeaway of the infographic is it is never okay for one person to abuse another regardless the circumstances.

The Warning Signs of Domestic Violence
Do you know some of the common signs of abuse and domestic violence? Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence’s infographic, Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence: 10 warning Signs of Abuse and an Abusive Relationship supplies readers with the warning signs of abuse to look for in a relationship. This infographic contains a combination of both text and images to convey to the reader the significance of the images. Contrasting to the bland, off white background of the image the foreground is li...

... middle of paper ...

...their victim’s relationship with family and friends”(Moment) . These statements sound reasonable and realistic to the readers.
This infographic very heavily uses pathos and ethos arguments to convey its message while unsuccessfully using logos arguments. Despite improperly using logos arguments the message of the infographic is still clearly identifiable to the reader. By using pathos and logos arguments together the reader is able to understand the effects of domestic violence and just how easily it can be misinterpreted as otherwise by the victims. Overall the main takeaway of the infographic is it is never okay for one person to abuse another regardless the circumstances or relationship. This infographic also helps the reader realize that if they are experiencing abuse they are by no means alone and help is available to them. All they have to do is speak out.

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