Domestic Abuse : An Organization Essay

Domestic Abuse : An Organization Essay

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The Domestic Abuse Project in Minneapolis is an organization that provides victims of domestic abuse with tools and resources to end violence in their lives and the cycle of family violence in the Minneapolis area. When a case of domestic violence is reported to the Domestic Abuse Project, the organization appoints an advocate to get in contact with the victim to help them attain any necessary resources as well as serve as moral support during a tragic time. My role with this organization is to work the 24-Hour Domestic Abuse Hotline each weekend. With this role, I receive phone calls from police officers who report recent cases of domestic abuse, submit this information to the Domestic Abuse Project’s database, and finally I attempt to contact the victim in order to provide immediate safety planning, explain the legal process of their specific case, and notify them that that an advocate will try to get ahold of them. From my volunteer experience with Minneapolis’ Domestic Abuse Project this semester, I have been able to make connections between the purpose of the organization and the various interpretations of humans and the purpose of an organized state by the philosophers discussed in this course so far.
In accordance with Locke’s belief that all humans are entitled to basic rights of life and liberty, the Domestic Abuse Project serves to protect victims from violence that has threatened these rights. Locke’s concept of a state of war is anytime someone expresses arbitrary power over another and threatens their natural claim rights, which ultimately violates the laws of nature which aim to preserve mankind. When a person physically abuses another, this puts the victim’s life in immediate danger and is therefore a violation of...

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...s to continue to protect these natural rights through providing services and safety planning to these victims so that they may take steps to prevent future violence in their lives. Along with this, while Hobbes assumes that humans can only act out of their own narrow self-interests, with self-reflection as to why I devote my time to the mentally challenging task of working this hotline, I find that I do not do so to benefit myself, but to make my community a safer place for everyone, which is much more consistent with Locke’s idea that humans naturally act to preserve mankind. My work with the Domestic Abuse Project in conjunction with this course has surprisingly given me a much more positive outlook on humanity as a whole and provided me with real-world examples that have helped me to discover what I agree to be the purpose and duties of a morally legitimate state.

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